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On the road again... I stop for afternoon tea in Abbotsford at Serendipi Tea.
The space is very feminine with dainty china and shabby-chic décor. Pretty little tea house.

Afternoon Tea Service ($18.95 per person)

I love a heady Assam tea or a Darjeeling, but there isn’t anything similar to those on the Serendipi Tea menu. So for fun, we opt for Mokka Rooibos and Durbanville Rooibos.

Bottom tier – Finger Sandwiches

The mini square sandwiches consists of turkey, egg salad and tuna. In addition there are open face cucumber cream cheese rounds and a ham and cheese tortilla roll up. A large part of afternoon tea service are the aesthetics. There isn’t much sophistication in the presentation of these sandwiches. The squares aren’t cut very clean and it reminded me of a plate of crustless sandwiches one might make for children during snack-time. They tasted fine however. I quite enjoyed the turkey with cranberry bread.

Middle tier – Sweets

Two each of brownies, butter tarts,French-style macarons and white chocolate dipped strawberries. Our server discloses that these sweet treats are brought in from elsewhere.

Top tier – Scones

The room temperature scones break apart forgivingly. We each receive small wedges of poppy seed, a seedy berry, and plain scones. The scones are always my favourite part of afternoon tea. Why? Because I love clotted cream. There is never enough rich smooth clotted cream.

The afternoon tea food selection isn’t all that special, but the setting is so very lovely and quaint. Our server today is personable and is well versed with tea info. I am very fond of the china and the flatware used at Serendipi Tea. The details help to create an inspired tea house atmosphere.

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Serendipi Tea
2626 Montrose Avenue
Abbotsford, BC V2S3T6
Phone: 604 853 0909
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