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I met a princess in plain clothes today, and this is her castle.
Her castle is The Enchanted Teacup. It’s a drive-by discovery for me. I am on my way to Gary’s Deli when I see a purple and lime green building on Tranquille Road. Yes, purple and lime green.
Qu'est-ce que c'est?

The Enchanted Teacup is half tea shop and half Tea Party!
A section of the space is reserved for loose leaf tea sales and the rest of the room is all about themed tea parties. Tiaras, wands and tutus. Everything one, aged 3 and up, should need for a fantasy tea party. No, I’m not here to rock out an Un-Birthday party Mad Hatter styles. I’m here to pick up some Darjeeling.

1st Flush Darjeeling ($11.00 for 50 grams)

I drink a lot of tea, and I’m not really picky about my tea. Bagged or loose is fine with me. I’m quite happy with a regular black tea for everyday sipping, but I try to keep some Darjeeling on hand if I want a special, more delicate brew.

The enchanted leaves unravel beautifully. My steeping today produces a mellow amber first flush Darjeeling. It’s a nice cuppa to go with an appropriate Wes Anderson film tonight.

Coconut Dream White Blend ($8.00 for 50 grams)

This is an impulse buy. I am completely sucked in by the possibility of a tea that may taste or smell like coconuts!
The bag even assures me that:
If you like coconut your (sic) sure to like this one.
Well, I like coconuts!
Holy Rupert Holmes! When I open the bag, the contents smell like how a piña colada tastes.
Look at it. The red safflowers and blue Cornflowers make this so eye pleasing. I’m in bit of a trance as I put the kettle on.

The leaves reveal a potpourri of aroma, with coconut being the team leader. I’m not usually a fan of flavoured teas, but this colourful coconut brew just put me in such a good mood.

The Plain Clothes Princess shares that The Enchanted Teacup has been around for several months. How did I not notice this before? I mean, it’s purple and green! If you prefer loose whole leaf teas you may want to wander into The Enchanted Teacup to check out their selections.


The Enchanted Teacup
410 Tranquille Road
Kamloops , BC V2B 3G8
Phone: 250 376 8327
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