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Love these but don't use Fruity marshmallows

I've been making these for years! always a hit. Just one note: I suggest that you just use coloured mini-marshmallows, NOT fruit-flavoured ones like the recipe suggests. Seriously, they come coloured and unflavoured as well as fruit-flavoured. One Christmas, the store was out of unflavoured/coloured so I bought the fruity ones thinking "whatever". Oh NO! My family thought they were nasty!!! I threw them out - so, so, so terrible. Think of it as mixing melted peanut butter and butterscotch chips in with your lime or cherry jello. If I can't find unflavoured coloured, I use white. Fruity ones are great in a cool whip jello salad but not a good mix with PB and butterscotch - that's my opinion anyway.

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