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I’ve been back and forth to and from the coast for the past several weeks, and it seems it will be this way for the next little while. I figure I’ll throw in a coastal entry or two; otherwise I won’t be penning anything for weeks!

Baoguette is a little Vietnamese eatery on Denman and Beach Avenue. It’s right across from the wildly popular art installation: A-Maze-ing Laughter or “Laughing Man Statues.”

Baoguette’s space is clean and contemporary…especially for a pho place.

House Special Roll ($5.25)

The last time I had one of these was at Pho Tin Tin in Nanaimo. It’s a crispy spring roll that is wrapped inside of a salad roll. I like this Roll-Within-A-Roll idea. It’s like the Turducken of salad rolls. I haven’t really looked for this item in other Vietnamese eateries, but I think I’m going to start seeking these out. I quite enjoy the contrast in textures and temperature.

Goi Cuon or Shrimp Salad Rolls ($5.75)

The chubby rolls are some of the fattest I’ve had in a while. Both the Special House Roll and Shrimp Salad Roll are neatly put together and didn’t fall apart when dipping and noshing. This is important to me. I hate fishing pieces of vermicelli out of the nuoc mam cham, or having the roll fall apart as I attempt a bite. Y’know what I mean?
With my cheeks chipmunk-chubby full of shrimp roll, I peer out the window and spy loads of folks waiting their turn to strike a pose with the grinning bronze statues. Everyone has a goofy smile on their face.

Grilled Lemongrass Chicken ($?)

There’s something so comforting about grilled meats and a warm sunny day: they just pair together so nicely. I really enjoy the aroma of the grilled chicken; the flattened meat has just the right amount of char. I also like that Baogette is not heavy handed with the seasoning. It’s rare that I order a non-noodle dish when I go out for Vietnamese food, but lately I’ve been trying to branch out.

Pho Dac Biet ($8.50)

Clearly, I can’t seem to branch out too much though. Here’s my predictable order of the house special beef noodle soup. The noodles are tender with a bit of bounce and chew. I’m getting pretty satiated at this point so the broth is all a blur to me. I know, that's not helpful is it?

Service is easy and fast. The table spaces fill up quickly as I watch late comers head down a few steps to Baoguette's bar style seating. There is still a mound of people having a great time with the statues as I leave Baoguette with my own goofy grin upon my face.

Baoguette Menu:

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Baoguette Vietnamese Bistro
104 - 1184 Denman Street
Vancouver, BC V6G 2M9
Phone: 604 563 2468
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