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I’ve been MIA for a while, I know. Last year, around this time, I had an extended stint out in Nanaimo (Click here for my Nanaimo eating posts.) This year, I have to be out in Vancouver for an extended stint.

I’ve decided to share Fat Jack’s Diner with you again (click here for my burger visit). I have to be home for a little while and then drive back out to the coast.

I love driving through the Fraser Canyon. It’s a slower drive than Highway 5, but so much more scenic and interesting. In addition, Fat Jack’s Diner makes for a nice stop about half way through my drive. Another reason why I like stopping at Fat Jack’s is there’s always a Daily Special and it’s always something interesting…like Rabbit Pot Pie!

Rabbit Pot Pie with Yam puree

This bunny pie filling is hearty and well seasoned; with a surrounding crust that’s flakey but still has enough substance to control the generous innards. I know I should tell you more about the Rabbit Pot Pie, but I want to tell you about the kale beside it. The kale is delicious. It is simply crisp with some salt and pepper, and I don’t know what else. Even DL is envious and needed a taste of the kale.

Speaking of kale...I should really put up another gardening post as it is a bit of a disaster this year with me being away so much. Having said that, I’ve grown some of my best romaine lettuce this year!

Cream of Asparagus Soup

Soup-er creamy. Soup-er asparagus-y. I have yet to try one of their homemade soups that isn’t delightful.

So just like last year, I decided to find a furnished apartment rather than hotel it. It worked out so well last year in Nanaimo I thought I’d try my luck again in Vancouver. Just like the previous year, I found a place online that sounded pretty good, accepted it sight unseen and sent away a whack of money to some dude I’ve never met. When move in day comes I will just be crossing my fingers that this place is legit. (Please note: I do not recommend my willy nilly technique of finding an apartment.)

Salad with Spicy Turkey

This is my kind of salad. Look at this “salad with turkey.” I like to think of it as more like an awesome mound of turkey with a bit of fruit n’ veg. If all salads were like this, I think I’d be eating more salad. The skin is satisfyingly crisp with a very thin layer of fat before the juicy turkey meat. It reminds me a bit of barbequed duck, accompanied with tons of flavour. DL still dreams about this turkey from time to time.

So that’s another trip to Fat Jacks. It’s not what you’d expect to find in the canyon is it?

I know there are a lot of folks heading through the Fraser Canyon at this time of year. (I know because the amount of caravan-ers I have to over-take is more than quadruple what it is on a non-summer drive to the coast…) For all you lot, Fat Jack’s is worth at least a coffee and pie stop, even if you are trying to make good driving time. If there is a daily special available when you go, do yourself a favour and try it.

Once I organize for someone to feed The Beast and maybe water my haskap bushes in my absence, I’ll be heading back down to the coast for my extended stay in Vancouver. I will try to past by Fat Jack’s during the breakfast hours and report on their AM grub. See y’all then!

Fat Jack’s Home-style Diner website click here
Fat Jack’s Home-style Diner facebook click here

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Fat Jack's Home Style Diner
50865 Trans Canada Highway (Mighty Fraser Motel)
Boston Bar, BC
Phone: 604 867 9296
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