Popcorn With my Pro Popper

Why do people use microwave popcorn when making non microwave popcorn is so easy? I'm not a fan of hot air popped popcorn. The best I can explain it is that, it tastes "dry". Also, when using a hot air popper you're left with so many un-popped kernels. Not cool.
That's why I love my Pro Popper.
I think it goes by some other names as well. It's cheap and it works far better than any air popper. I purchased mine on sale at London Drugs for $19.99 (reg $29.99).
Here's how I make my popcorn.
As always, don't cheap out on your ingredients if you like to flavour up your popcorn. I use real butter, sea salt, freshly ground pepper and real cheese. I don't measure my seasoning stuff, neither should you.

I prepare the kernels and popper off of the heat source.
First pour in your oil, about a tablespoon or so. Just eyeball it. It's not rocket science.

I use olive oil because it's the "go-to" oil in this household. Some people think you can't use olive oil for popping because it has a lower smoke temperature. Not true. Seriously, how hot are you people heating your oil before those suckers pop? All my kernels pop well before the oil is at a smoking temperature.

Pour in about a half cup of kernels.

I grind my sea salt using a mortar and pestle until it is fine.

Then I liberally sprinkle the salt onto the kernels in the oiled popper. This step is key to getting the salt evenly distributed onto your kernels.

Close up the lid and place the popper on the heat.

I use medium heat as the Pro Popper device heats up ridiculously quick. Once it starts to pop slowly crank the handle to move the popped kernels around to avoid burning. Once the popping subsides, take it off the heat.

Pour about 1/3 of the popcorn into your vessel of choice. Pour on some of your butter, grind on some pepper and sprinkle on some finely ground parmesan cheese. Give it a toss or a swirl. Then keep doing this "layering" until you have flavoured all your popcorn from your Pro Popper.


Absolutely the best popcorn ever!

Just wanted to say I got a whirly popper at Bed Bath & Beyond. Then walked on over to the Bulk Barn and got some of that gourmet popcorn and some coconut oil.

It was magical! Best popcorn ever!

Thank you!

better method to popcorn madness...

As a popcorn addict errr aficionado I twisted in my chair a little reading your method…oh to hell with it we all like unsolicited advice right! Here it goes.

If you want some serious kick butt popcorn get yourself to Costco and get the tub of cold pressed coconut oil.

Use 3 tbs of the coconut oil to ½ cup kernels on medium heat.

DO NOT WAIT for the kernels to start popping to start cranking the crank, start cranking the second the kernels hit the pot.

The function of the crank and the purpose of cranking from the beginning is that the by agitating the kernels they get hotter than they would just sitting there resulting in a much more violent explosion of the kernel resulting in much fluffier popcorn.

Give it a go and I think you will be pleasantly surprised

Re Better method to popcorn - My Pro Popper

Oh wise-one Gary,
I love unsolicited advice. I also like to give it ALL THE TIME!

I had it backwards. I thought by cranking it from the beginning the kernels wouldn't get as hot as if they would just sitting. (Slaps forehead.)

The more you know... (insert rainbow and star image)

Thanks for the schooling on popcorn making. I must try the Gary Method for popcorn. I would love to get a fluffier kernel than I've been getting now....



I would love to hear your results if you choose to give it a try. did you notice a difference? was just that much more delicious? hope so.

Re: Soooo? - Popcorn making

Hi Gary,
I haven't forgotten about the G-Method of Popcorn Making.
I am currently on work assignment out of town, and away from my manual crank popper.
I will absolutely share my results when I get on this. And I will get on this, as the lure of a fluffier popped kernel is too great.
Please stand by...
Thanks for checking up on me,

Re: Soooo? - Popcorn making

Well I don't know if it's better or not because this is only the second time I've made popcorn in a pro popper, but holy man! It's incredible! I used the salt in, coconut oil combo and it's the first time in my life that I haven't smothered popcorn in butter. Who knew?! Thanks to you both!!

Re: Gary's Method of Popcorn-ning

Hi Anon,
I'm glad you enjoy this method.
I still have not posted about Gary's coconut oil method. I have tried it a few times now, and yes, it could possibly be my new go-to method. However, I want to find a better kernel before posting about the G-Method.
I think I would very much enjoy a hull-less variety of kernel. I'm tired of the scratchy hulls getting caught in my throat, forcing me to hack like an elderly cat.
Once I get some of those types of kernels in my hot little hands, I'm on my way to publishing a very late Gary's Method popcorn blog post.

Pop on my friends,


Come on LVoe, it's 2016 already. Did you expire and end up floating into popcorn heaven?
Time to reveal your year-long research into popcorn popping and comment on Gary's popping methods before we die of old age!

The quest for popcorn nirvana

I am Glad you are enjoying the method a couple of pro tips;

If you are like me and store your popcorn in a mason jar for an extended period of time, and find your popcorn less than fluffy add a teaspoon of water to your full jar and swirl it around. It is of course the water in the kernel that explodes making the fluffy popcorn, and if your popcorn is to dry you get mealy tough popcorn. By adding a touch of water you re-hydrate the kernels therefore adding to the pop.

If you go into Bulk Barn in Kamloops they have “gourmet large popping corn” which is an interesting experience in popcorn with super large popcorn and perhaps a little less husk.

Some people love it some people err my wife hate it. Who knew popcorn could be so contentious.


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