Heba Supermarket: Samosas - Kamloops, BC

**UPDATE 2014: Heba Supermarket is no more. It is now the home of Joe Pho Vietnamese Restaurant.**

I swung into Heba Supermarket at the crack of noon. I actually arrived a little earlier and patiently waited until the lights flick on at precisely 12:00. I'm not the only one waiting as three others loitered around watching their watches too. We are all here for lunch. We all want samosas.

Before I order my samosas, I make a bee-line to the beverage coolers located in the far corner of the store.

Laziza Malt ($2.50)

Laziza Malt beverage showed up last month on A.L. Smithey’s Grocery List. Since then, I’ve wanted to do a looky-loo the next time I found myself in Heba. Laziza is a Lebanese brand of malt drink. I spy that the beverage is not housed in a dark bottle, so I can tell right away it must be more of a pale lager-ish malt drink. Kinda like a pilsner. It’s very light and thin. It’s not heady and sweet like the darker brews I’ve tried. Laziza is a bit closer in taste to non- alcoholic beer; DL still finds it refreshing when ice cold.

I order my two samosas and the other patrons behind me follow with their own orders.
The shopkeeper admits it will be a bit of a wait as the oil isn’t even hot yet. Everyone is more than happy to wait. Heba’s a one woman show.

I decide to peruse a bit as I’m waiting for the triangular satchels. Here are some refreshments that I’m not familiar with:

Rooh Afza and Keora Water

It’s the summer drink of the East!

Mustard Oil, Almond Oil and Coconut Oil

Who knew almond oil came in a jug?

Heba Samosa ($1.68 each)

The small batches are freshly retrieved from their hot oily bath and tucked into a brown paper bag. The potato and pea filling has a mild spice kick to it. I really like the flakey pastry of this samosa. It is major crispy. If you need more than a few, Heba also sells the samosas, frozen, in bags of ten. I considered getting a bag just to have samosas available to me on a whim, but I then remembered how much I try to avoid deep frying at home.

There are a few tables in the front corner where you can sit and gobble a quick snack of savoury pockets. I love that you can enjoy a screamer or a samosa here, and also slip into a new pair of True Religion Jeans! What?
It’s a busy little afternoon today and each of us left with a little brown bag of joy.
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Heba Supermarket
298 Lansdowne Street
Kamloops, BC V2C 1X7
Phone: 250 851 0588

HEBA Supermarket: Where did it go?

Can someone chime in about HEBA Supermarket?
I went past it last week and it was cleared out.

Did it move? Please say it just moved...I didn't have time to turn around and read the sign on their door.

Do I sound panicked? I'm trying not to sound panicked, but I am slightly...

yes it moved, out of country.. :(

Went there for coconut oil and the lady said she sold out and would not be getting more. WHAT???!! She had to go back to her country.. She sold me 2 bottles of Almond oil for $10 and if you have been there you know how big the bottles are :)Oh well... hope life is good for her...

Re: HEBA Supermarket

Thanks for the info Anon,
Darn...I was really hoping the shop had just moved.
I wish them the best.

Gotta love the brown paper bag!

Once again, a most excellently composed offering. My stomach is grumbling now, as any talk of flaky and crispy is a weakness for me. Hmmm...I wonder if I have enough time to head down to Heba before work? :D
Cheers, A.L.
ps. Thanks for the shout-out...I will endeavour to resume my grocery lists next week as my work schedule is rotating back to days off at the end of the week (I'm soooo lazy after work otherwise...excuses, excuses...)

Re: Brown Paper Bag - Heba Supermarket

Thanks A.L.!
Aren't Heba market samosas so very delicious? And now that I've had them blistering hot; fresh from the canola, I think I couldn't have them any other way.

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