The Verse Family Restaurant - Kamloops, BC

**UPDATE 2012: Verse Restaurant is no longer. The space is now an A&W.**
There was a time when I drove past The Verse Family Restaurant on a regular basis. I use to frequent the RONA Home Center for various odds and ends, and I always ended up passing by this travel centre. DL still clutches onto nostalgic memories of this truck stop as a child. Obviously, the travel centre has gone through some renos and updates over the years.

As with Husky House, you can enter through the gas station-convenience store entrance. I’m sure there is a trucker’s entrance as well on the other side of the building. We are greeted and seated right away and left with the menus.

I didn’t feel like burgers or a sandwich, so I went with breakfast...and a chocolate shake (??)

Chocolate Milk Shake ($5.00)

The texture is good. Thick. That’s what it really needs to be if it’s a milkshake, right? This one is creamy thick. The chocolate flavour is a little shy. The chocolate is more of a mild Milo-esque chocolate malt flavour.

2-2-2 Breakfast Special ($8.00)

I decide to get the chalkboard special. Two French toasts, two sausages and two eggs. The French toasts are fluffy, golden and eggy. The powdered sugar looks like it’s just been dumped in a mound, doesn’t it? The eggs are nicely over easy, but pretty oily. The sausages are a little comical. They’re about the length of my thumbs. They're also just a tinge shorter than the Ashcroft Olympic torch event hot-dog wieners. The sausages are made of formed ground meats. Y’know the kind of sausage that holds itself together in the cylinder shape without the help of a casing.

Monte Cristo Sandwich ($12.00)

DL caught a glimpse of my breakfast and, on looks alone, instantly deemed the Monte Cristo as the better choice today.
Whoa. This is a large sandwich. The ham and turkey allocation is fairly generous. The meats are the standard deli-loaf variety, but still make enjoyable diner fare. The Monte Cristo is very moist throughout. The French toast slices that make up the bread are soft and forgiving. A little greasy on the hands, though. The side of fries is okay. They could be crispier. I had a bit of side-dish envy when I saw the table next to us receive their plates with stacks of onion rings. I need to pay more attention when reading the menu; I didn’t realize that rings are even an option!

Our server is friendly and efficient today, but the hostess at the front of house is a little dubious.

Here’s a little observation I made whilst there:
I am waiting for our orders to arrive, and I notice the booth by the window has crumbs on the table. Not a lot, but enough for me to notice from across the room! A few minutes later, the hostess is seating two elderly customers. She walks much sprightlier than they do, so she reaches the table far in advance of them. I notice that she notices the table is not clean. She pauses, as she is contemplating whether or not to seat them there. I can see her eyes scanning the table. It’s as if I could read her thought bubbles above her head. “Shoot, what do I do?” The restaurant is not full and there are other tables available.
With disappointment, I watch her as she carefully places the menus on top of the offending crumbs and proceeds to welcome her senior guests to the table. Really?
I know crumbs are not the end of the world. Please, I’ve been known to whip out bleach wipes and bus my own table now and again. However, I couldn’t help but think, “what if these two people were my grandparents?” Would she have seated her grandparents there? This bothered me a little more than I thought it would.

Today The Verse Family Restaurant is kept busy with a lot of travelers passing through grabbing a quick bite. I quite enjoy trying out the diners and truck stops around here. Good or bad, it’s always an experience.
The Verse Family Restaurant is definitely a greasy spoon, so the food is not the greatest but certainly not the worst.
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The Verse Family Restaurant
1885 W Trans Canada Hightway Petro Canada Travel Centre
Kamloops, BC V1S 1J7
Phone: 250 374 6263

Hit and Miss With Truck Stops

That is a hilarious story about the hostess and the older couple. Not so much funny ha-ha, but more funny WOW.

I have eaten at this truck stop and it seemed fairly on par with what I would expect from a truck stop. I also had a breakfast and found it greasy and mass-produced feeling.

I would have expected the Cache Creek Husky House (or any Husky House for that matter) to be on par with The Verse, but after reading your recent review, I definitely got the feeling that it was a cut above.

It's a funny thing with diner type food: there seems to be good greasy and not-so-good greasy. The Verse seemed more like the latter to me.

Re: Hit and Miss with Truck Stops - The Verse Family Restaurant

Hi Mike,

I think a lot rides on what is ordered. The table next to us all ordered burgers, and they looked pretty appetizing. However, I did have onion ring envy at the time...

The burger often turns out to be the safe bet. Not always, but often. And who doesn't enjoy a good burger?

I have always wondered who

I have always wondered who eats at at gas station restaurants. Seems like such an unusual combination. All I can think about is nachos and cheese at the 7-11 and a Big Gulp. Maybe I will give it a try.

Re: I have always wondered - The Verse Family Restaurant

Hi Anon,

I do!
I love trying out DDEs. The possibility of being pleasantly surprised keeps me intrigued about these petrol places of eats.

The next time you fill up and see a DDE diner attached, give it go! Why not? You'll never know until you try...

Billy Miner...Flying J

What ever you do avoid this place...They tried to serve us cold, RANCID potatoes with our breakfast this morning!..No apology and even asked if we would like to try something else!..YUK..

Re: Billy Miner's Roadhouse

Hi homefry,
Rancid is never good is it? :)
I've heard a lot about this place from colleagues, commuting acquaintances, and just random local peeps in general.

Billy Miner’s Roadhouse is in an area that I don't get to very often, but I just may have a looksie if I ever do go out that way. Please don’t let your subpar experience stop you from trying other DDEs. Truck stop dining is always a game of chance.

Good luck and Happy eating!

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