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**UPDATE 2013: Goodbye locally owned Orchard Grill. The American fast food burger chain, Carl's Jr, now occupies this space.**

We are heading out to see a matinee movie this afternoon and at the last minute I decide I need to eat. I didn’t have breakfast this morning before going out to complete a few errands before the show. I thought I could power through and eat afterwards, but I eventually gave in to my pangs of hunger.

It is DL’s idea to eat at Orchard Grill. I’m not gonna lie, I thought it was a bit sketchy looking from the outside. I start to get a little whiney. We are so close to the Amsterdam! Why can’t we stop at the Amsterdam?

The Orchard Grill sits on a strip of the Trans Canada highway that is littered with all sorts of DDEs and all the major fast food chains. I guess it’s a convenient stop for many heading in or out of Kamloops. I vaguely remember staying in one of these motels for a night many years ago during a road trip out to Calgary.

The Orchard Grill is a bit of a bar n’ grill and diner. We are greeted and seated immediately. The service is very friendly and prompt. I don’t know if the Orchard Grill has a lot of regulars or if the staff just treats everyone like they're regulars. We feel welcome right away. The servers made the rounds to each of their tables and I overhear friendly banter and some conversations take place at each stop. Both DL and I commented to each other about the stellar service we observe while waiting for our meals. It’s refreshing.

Orchard Grill serves breakfast until 2:00pm. I feel like a lighter meal so I thought breakfast would be the logical choice. Not so, at the Orchard Grill. The food arrives and the portions are enormous. I’m not sure if it’s possible to have a small meal here.

Benny Omelette ($9.95)

The omelette is made with three eggs and is chubby with ham and cheddar. The eggs are topped with house-made hollandaise to ensure its namesake. The ingredients are standard diner goods, but the kitchen does a good job with what they have. The eggs that wrap around the ham and orange cheese are light and fluffy, and the filling is generous. Even the melon garnish is huge. I appreciate it though; it‘s like having a small fruit side dish to cut the heaviness of the cheese and potatoes. I gave DL my toast this morning. Orchard Grill's buns and breads come from Craig’s Bakery and Deli in Kamloops. Way to go local, OG!

Breakfast Wrap ($9.95)

Eggs, cheese with peppers, lettuce, tomatoes and mushrooms enclosed in a giant tortilla. The wrap is large. Taste-wise it is on the lighter side, even if you use the salsa. DL’s a big salsa lover and the salsa here is a little watery.

We must chat about the potatoes. The hash browns may look affright, but both of us enjoyed them a lot. The potatoes are a mess of sliced spuds with slivers of red onion in the mix. What I liked about this disheveled jumble is that there’s a portion of the taters that are overly fried, swimming about beside the regular hash brown slices. I love the crunch factor of these dark tan bits and every now and again there’s a caramelized onion sliver that makes its way into a bite. Surprise!

Most of the dining room is ordering lunch today, and from the looks of the plates coming out of the kitchen, the burgers and soups look very tempting too. They are also of the gargantuan-size variety. It is common this afternoon to hear “oohs “and “ahhs” and gasps coming from the tables around us.

The food is straightforward diner fare in very generous portions. Coffee is topped up frequently and the individual creamers are cold. (Yes, I always check if the creamers are kept refrigerated.)
The dining space is bright and open inside. This surprises me because from the exterior it looks like it'd be dark and dank. I must say the highlight today is the Disney-style friendly service, which we enjoyed today from the moment we came in.

Have you seen Super 8? It's a kids adventure film, like The Goonies for 2011.
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The Orchard Grill
1789 East Trans Canada Highway
Kamloops, BC V2C 3Z6
Phone: 250 374 9901


I have always wondered about this place and thought that there must be some reason why it always looks so busy, but never found the courage to go inside. A combination of the name, the building, and the image was just far too intimidating. Your review makes it seem much less scary and I am now tempted to try it out for breakfast. I love a good eggs benny and the hash browns do sound and look superior. Thanks for the heads up.

Re: Thanks - The Orchard Grill

Hi Mike,
It certainly was a pleasant surprise!
I always imagined that customers for this stretch of diners would be mostly holiday makers grabbing a bite to eat during their travels.
However, there seems to be a pretty loyal following of locals for The Orchard Grill and Harold's down the street.

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