Route 97 Diner - Westwold, BC

Since this is the second time I have to do this Okanagan-Vancouver-Vancouver Island circle tour, we decide to take Highway 97 this time around. There’s an old Ford Bronco that catches my eye on the property, next to The Route 97 Diner in Westwold. We stop to investigate and grab some grub.

If you fancy classic cars and hot rods, then there are several rebuild specials to check-out. I have no idea if the diner and the auto body place are related, or if I was inadvertently trespassing on someone’s lawn.

Famous Burger with soup ($10.97)

The two beef patties are hand formed with the meat slightly loose. Together the burger feels like its all one texture: soft. The chicken corn chowder looks to be mostly homemade. It’s okay, but very sweet for a soup. My meal all looks very nice but there isn’t really that much flavour.

Hot Dog with fries ($5.97)

Standard hot dog and fries. I like the homemade buns on both items today. The bread is fresh and soft.

Although, the décor is themed, the atmosphere doesn’t feel like a 50’s diner. The Route 97 Diner has more of a DDE truck stop feel to it; which is fine with me. There is ample parking for RVs and trucks. Or if you’re driving a car you can swing into the “meter parking.”

We choose to eat outside on one of their picnic tables. A few minutes into our meal, I see this nomad Labrador wander in from the highway. A mother and daughter waiting for their food outside seem to know this canine customer. Happily, I assume he is not a stray. He realizes we have our plates, so he makes us his new best buddies. He looked like he could have used a meal or two, but I know better than to feed the animals. I hold my ground; undeterred by the fact that every two minutes I feel a wet nose poke my kidneys.

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Route 97 Diner
145 Kamloops-Vernon Highway
Westwold, BC V0E3B0
Phone: 250 375 2000


I've always wondered about this place, but never seems like the right time to stop between Kamloops and Vernon timing-wise. Too bad the burger wasn't tasty. It definitely looks good.

Re: Interesting - Route 97 Diner

Yeah it totally looks good, no?
I think I hyped it up too much in my mind.

The fries are good, but I was much more interested in the selection of cars next door waiting to be restored.

Hmm, I drive by this road to

Hmm, I drive by this road to Vernon every week, and yet for some reasons I never noticed there's a diner!! I better look for it next time. But you are right, the burger does look good.

Re: I drive by this...- Route 97 Diner

Hi Katz,
The diner is set back a bit from the road...
Ooh, if you travel to Vernon regularly I wonder if you have some favourite eating spots there? Do tell! :)

Route 97

You should try the "Ranch Cafe" in Falkland. They make all their own bake goods (best bread & buns around!) and make a good pizza to boot..

Re: Route 97

Wait a minute...I drove right by that. I remember reading the sign. Homemade goods? Now you have me curious homefry. I'll have to wait until my schedule calls me out that way again.

However, there is a reader...ahem, that drives this route weekly...perhaps they may be able to try it in the nearer future. (hint, hint...and report back of course!)

LOL, but seriously, I want to try it the next time I have to head out towards the Okanagan. Thanks for the rec.

Hmm... I eat at the Vernon

Hmm... I eat at the Vernon Lodge and Conference place a lot (Best Western) just because I stay there a lot. But the places that I found pretty decent were Roster Sports Club Bar & Grill, Original Joe's and Tita's. Temptasian is pretty good, but too westernize for my taste.

( BTW, did you know Koon Bo on Fraser/41st is gone??)

Check them out next time you guys are in Vernon!

Re: Vernon Dining Recs

Thanks Katz for those suggestions. I will try to check out one of them the next time I'm that neck of the woods.

(Oh no! Not Koon Bo!
That place has been around forever. I haven't visited in a while. I think I took it for granted that it would always be there. Darn. Perhaps they just moved?)

Great, can't wait to read

Great, can't wait to read your reviews on them! I'll try Pho Fusion next time!

(Nope,the owner's daughter is my friend. She told me her parents are retired now; so they sold it :( )

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