Vyanjan Fine Indian Cuisine - Kamloops, BC

Finally had a chance to try Vyanjan. If you have been reading this blog you will know that we have tried to eat here on other occasions, however they were always closed. The last time we were met with closed doors, we ended up at the north shore restaurant, Spice, which was a happy find.
We made reservations at noon. Clearly reservations were not needed.

We were the only patrons in the restaurant for some time. A couple came in near the end of our meal. The space was clean and well kept. Vyanjan could have chosen more comfortable chairs other than office furniture from the 80's.

Mango Lassi ($2.95) and chai ($1.95)

The lassi was creamy in texture (however there was some odd ice chunks that didn't get pulverized) and had a lot of mangoey taste. Everyone has their own recipe for chai and Vyanjan is no different, it has very warm aromatics with cardamon and a hint of cloves (?)

Our friendly server brought out some papadums.

These were served with the proverbial mint and tamarind chutneys.

Curried Mussels ($8.95)

The mussels were sauteed in a garlic curry sauce. The mussels were a little tricky to eat without getting down n' dirty with the fingers. The garlic curry was fantastic. Creamy with a reminder of garlic that didn't overpower the mussels. You will find this on the appetizer section of the menu, however I wouldn't hesitate to order it as a main. It even comes with naan.

We had to order extra naan anyways. Basmati rice.

The naan here is pricey at $2.50. As I've mentioned in other posts, naan should be cheap and is at most places. But not so much here in Kamloops. Naan is bread. It's just a filler, it's the vehicle to get the goods into your mouth; thus it should be under the $2 mark. The bread here was okay. I like my naan to have a bit more char to it.

Butter Chicken ($13.95) and chef specialty Murg Shandaar ($24.95)

The butter chicken is the best in town...so far. It was smooth and tomatoey, but still being able to taste some subtle spices. The Murg Shandaar is described as a, "mint flavoured chicken breast stuffed with dry fruits." The nuts and fruit added a nice contrast and gave the savouryness of this dish a nice balance. Now that being said,the only thing I would have to critique about this dish is... I'm pretty positive the chicken was not cooked all the way through. It was very hard to tell with the sauce all over the chicken, but I ended up leaving the chunk I was originally eating. We didn't eat much of it as we were stuffed from the appetizer and butter chicken, but we took the rest home. At home my suspicions were confirmed. I figured we could re-cook it thoroughly later.

Vyanjan is probably the best tasting South Asian/Indian cuisine that we've tried in Kamloops. It is also the priciest.

They have given more thought to the flavours here, and the flavours seem to have more depth. Service was friendly and fairly efficient. Bathrooms were clean enough to use comfortably.
Is it a date place? Well, if the screaming baby in the kitchen is still there, then no. But maybe if you went in the evening you could miss the little darlings vocal gymnastics.

Apparently, they opened a mere 4 months ago, I also noticed they were still looking for a chef months ago...interesting. I hope they end up with someone experienced in the kitchen as they have potential to do very well.
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Vyanjan Fine Indian Cuisine
354 Seymour Street
Kamloops, BC V2C 2G2
Phone: 250 374 3381

Conspiracy Theory?

I received the following comment recently on Love of Eating from "Dan & Bala." I feel I should address some of the accusations just in case there's a slim chance that others may be thinking the same thing! ;)

Submitted by Anonymous on Sun, 05/08/2011 - 16:05.
To all reading these please note that the above blog that is saying that Vyanjan is good is written by the owner or someone close to the owner. You will notice if you re-visit this page at any time the pictures do not change. This site was developed just so that the owner can save face with the customers to claim that his restaurant is good but it’s not. Don’t take my word for it go and visit it yourself. You will be charged normal prices that you find in a typical Indian restaurant but not get any value for it. Your average $20 spent (including tip) will not get you enough food for one person. It’s the biggest restaurant....but like I said its best to see it for yourself if you don’t trust me. I am a Toronto resident so I have nothing to gain by writing this blog. I am just trying to forewarn all of you that were considering spending your hard earned money in this terrible restaurant.
Dan & Bala

Hi Dan & Bala
Please let me clear some things up if I may:

“To all reading these please note that the above blog that is saying that Vyanjan is good is written by the owner or someone close to the owner.”
I appreciate that you care as much as I do about my readers to warn them about me. But I’m not sure where this conspiracy theory comes from? I am flattered that you think I am a restaurateur, but alas, I am not.

“You will notice if you re-visit this page at any time the pictures do not change.”
Um...yah. I’m not sure what you mean by this. And the pictures won’t change. I visited Vyanjan over a year ago and those were the photos taken. No, I do not update photos on published posts. I may re-visit a restaurant and release new pictures, but that would be a whole new post.

“This site was developed just so that the owner can save face with the customers to claim that his restaurant is good but it’s not.”
LOL. I apologize for giggling. But again, no I am not a restaurateur. Please click here to go to Love of Eating’s “About” page. This page was created to share with all of my readers exactly why this site was developed.

“Don’t take my word for it go and visit it yourself.”

“It’s the biggest restaurant....”
Actually, Vyanjan is moderate in size. Spice, Goldie's and Maurya's are all much larger restaurants.

If you have read the above blog post about Vyanjan, you will see that in fact we agree. Yes we AGREE, that it is quite pricey for what you get. You never mentioned what you thought of the actual food so I don’t know if we agree or disagree with respect to the taste of food. I respect your concern with Vyanjan’s portion size not matching the price point. This is a pet peeve of mine too at times, but I don’t mind smaller portions if the taste is decent.
I’m glad you enjoyed Spice. I did too! I’m happy you found a great place in Kamloops that you can go back to when you’re visiting from Toronto.
Thanks for reading my blog.
Happy eating!

Terrible - Vyanjan Fine Cuisine

I went all across town to find a good Indian restaurant. I found Mauryas in the heart of Kamloops downtown. I figured that a restaurant in the heart of downtown should be good. I went with a co-worker and we both felt like we got robbed. I ordered the Chicken Goa Curry for takeout which cost me almost $20 with tip. When we got home we opened our large metal container to find only 6 small pieces of chicken and the rest of the container was filled with sauce. I thought that there was a mistake. Mauryas restaurant is overpriced and does not give you enough food for even one person. Very disappointing experience, we will not be returning customers. We strongly suggest you do not go there.

Dan & Bala

That was a typo, we were

That was a typo, we were referring to VYANJAN Restaurant. However we went to Spice A Taste of Indian Cuisine....it was amazing. So much better then Vyanjan...SPICE is worth the drive.

Re: Vyanjan Fine Cuisine

Hi Dan & Bala,
I'm a bit confused. In your title you are referring to Vyanjan but in your comment you are referring to Maurya's. ?? These are two different restaurants.

I can sympathize when you pay for something and feel it's a bit dear for what you get. Seriously, I just finished whinging about the cost of a maki roll in Kamloops recently.
But the more significant question I'd be interested in is: Was the food decent?

There are a couple other South Asian restaurants in town, so I hope you have a better experience with your next dine-out adventure!

I've been eyeing this place...

.. and am actually excited to try it after your review, it's about two blocks from where I work so I drive by it every day. By the way, I just found your blog when I was writing a quick review after eating at Spice tonight, keep it up, it's great to see such thorough reviews for Kamloops restaraunts, and with pictures to boot!

Vyanjan Fine Indian Cuisine

SlushNinja, Thanks for taking the time to comment. I hope you have a good experience at Vyanjan; hopefully they've found some permanent staff members in the kitchen by now. Thanks again for visiting and reading my blog.

Indian Food in Kamloops

Great Food Blog you have here and you can count me in as a regular on your page from now on...

At one point, we did not have a lot of choice in Indian Restaurants in Kamloops. We used to go to Goldies only because it the only one in the city for the longest time. I have since tried Spice, and Maurya's and I have to say, I like Spice the best!!

We have not tried Vyanjan yet but will check it out soon.

Vyanjan - Indian food in Kamloops

Hi mikeeymike,
I have made repeat visits to both Spice and Goldie’s, I haven't had a chance to eat at Vyanjan again; I really should as the last time I was there it was still pretty new and as I've commented before they didn't have permanent kitchen staff yet. I would also like to re-visit Maurya's.

Are there any other indian places other than Goldies, Maurya, Spice and Vyanjan in Kamloops? I vaguely remember reading about another one on the north shore. It was on a name of a street that I, as a newbie to the area cannot retain easily (so that means it's not on Tranquille.)
There's a lot of restaurant listings for Kamloops that are OLD! Yes, do you sense a bit of annoyance? That's because I've had to learn the hard way about several of them.

other Indian Places

Mirage Restaurant (part of a motel) across from the Aberdeen mall serves Indian Food (or they used to when I last visited them about 2 years ago). But we didn't like it.

The Tandoori Grill across from the Holiday Inn Express on your way to Costco was quite good but they have been shutdown for a very long time.

Like I said in a previous post, we need more ethnic choices here in Kamloops. Even with the compliment of chinese restaurants we have here, it is hard to experience an authentic experience dining out in Kamloops. But then again, when the locals come out and order dinner combo 4d and not order anything outside of fried rice and lemon chicken, maybe there's not an appetite for that authentic experience. But it's up to food bloggers like you and I to change this.... it will get better!!

March 19, 2011 - New chinese restaurant at The Mirage

March 19, 2011 - New chinese restaurant at The Mirage

The South Asian place at the Mirage Hotel site has gone and been replaced by the Bei Jeing Restaurant recently. The Bei Jeing was a former North Shore restaurant in Kamloops with a good reputation. Don't have the low down on the re-invented one yet. Will probably be trying it soon. I'm sorry to see the south asian one gone as I really liked their food. It has also been a quiet place to eat, mostly I think because although the motel accompanying restauraunt faces the highway, you must do a complete circle via the area of the Chamber of Commerce and come in through the back, not particularly obvious or easy to find entrance. A bit complicated even for some of us locals. The most awkward entrance I have ever seen in fact. I wish the new restaurant luck, with such a handy cap in a very competitive market. Hopefully the food and service are good and word of mouth will gradually expand the customer base at this site.

Ferne, food nut

Re: Beijing Restaurant

Hi Ferne!

Thanks for taking the time to comment and reading my lil' blog.

Yes the Beijing Restaurant is probably the newest Chinese restaurant in Kamloops. I haven't been yet, but I know fellow blogger and Love of Eating reader, Mikeeymike has been there. Click here for his blog post on Beijing. I am curious, but haven't made it there yet.
When you make it there let me know what you think. Maybe by then I will have gone too!

Happy eating!

Hi Guys,

Yes I have been to the Beijing Restaurant and I liked it. They are the previous owners that used to own the Shanghai Mandarin Restaurant in the Sahali Tudor Clock Tower Mall. That restaurant is under new ownership since last Fall.

Both restaurant menus are exactly the same and even their lunch buffet's are the same. I love what the Au family has done to renovate the old Mirage location into a very clean and modern Chinese Restaurant called the Beijing... and yes, I agree, the location is very awkward to get to and I think they are banking on their loyal past customers to follow them to this new location at the Maverick Motor Inn... whether they do, remains to be seen.

Let me know what you guys think about it...


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