The Airport Coffee Shop - Chilliwack, BC

I love going airports. Whether I’m picking someone up or flying away for travel, airports are fun places to be. I’ve had my share of airport delays and other issues, but it all seems to work out in the end.

The Chilliwack Municipal Airport is a wee bit smaller than say YVR, and the aircrafts that utilize it are a little smaller too. However, The Airport Coffee Shop is the perfect place to watch the planes and the odd helicopter take off and land if you have an evening or afternoon free.

French toast with Bacon and Eggs ($8.99)

It is dinner time, but I felt like having breakfast. The Airport Coffee Shop dishes up basic diner fare with a great view of the planes.

Chicken Strips ($9.89)

Does DL still think we’re on the BC Ferries? I am surprised at this random order of Chicken Strips. The pieces are large slices of chicken breast with a light crunchy breading. Crinkle fries for the strong silent types.

Raspberry Rhubarb Pie ($3.99)

For dessert we must have some pie. The Raspberry Rhubarb has just emerged out of the oven. It’s hot. The crust is thin, but flakey. I like sweet n’ tart things. The pie maker keeps the filling in this pie just tart enough to balance out the sweet.

Coconut Banana Pie (4.99)

Get a load of this slice. It reminds me of Gilligan’s Island, where all the castaways seem to always be eating coconut cream pie. There’s a lot of dairy going on here. The crust is made of toasted shredded coconut, with large thick slices of bananas resting on the toasted crust. It’s a lot of pie.

Make no mistake The Airport Coffee Shop at CYCW is a diner. They serve standard greasy spoon style food, but the café gives you the novelty of being able to watch aircrafts do their thing up close. It can be noisy and blustery out on the patio, but still fun.
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The Airport Coffee Shop
46244 Airport Road (at CYCW)
Chilliwack, BC V2P 1A5
Phone: 604 792 0814

airport coffee shop

Someone just emailed me your blog about the coffee shop . Thank you it was very nice and i loved your pictures ! Is there anyway i can get some copies ? I would love to put them on my facebook page ? Thanks again Judi Good Airport Coffee Shop


My family is just about set to move to Kamloops from the Lower Mainland. I grew up in Nanaimo (a.k.a. "Surrey by the Sea") which certainly lives up to its nickname in terms of its decent number of fantastic little restaurants.

My biggest panic attack has come from the unknowns of the food and beer availability up in Kamloops... I didn't hear anything encouraging, and have been desperately trolling the internet looking for a Kamloops food blog. Bless you! You have brought me back from the brink of death, I kid you not.

Re: Hallelujah!!!

Welcome Anon!
Thank you for your kind words.

I have an idea of what you may be feeling. LOL.
I have found that there are a number of us "coastal transplants" up here in this area.

Have no fear my friend. Many have made the migration and survived. I'm not gonna lie, you will have to make adjustments to the limited choices. Prepare for that. I'm having fun checking it all out, I hope you will too.

I have a feeling you will be hitting up The Noble Pig for some local beer and food. They have since tweaked their menu but their ales remain tasty, with special brews during the seasons.

I also hope you create an account on Love of Eating so you can chime-in to the conversations in the comments sections (oh, and so I can stop calling you Anon...)

Will do!

I was just telling my husband about The Noble Pig yesterday. "There's a brewpub! There's a brewpub in Kamloops!" I am a bit too excited about it.

Re: Will Do! - Noble Pig

Hi Tara S,
Excellent! When you try have the chance to try Noble Pig (after all the unpacking) let us know what you think here.
Welcome. I love the dry weather up here.

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