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Kuro Asian Cuisine is one of the restaurants in the Eagle's Landing retail complex in Chilliwack. Did you know this place existed? I didn't, until I was given a little driving tour around Chilliwack recently. Eagle's Landing is fairly new, and there are still many retail spaces up for lease among the anchor stores.

It's very quiet.
We were the only patrons during our entire meal.

I'm not in the mood to take a gamble on their $14.00 sushi rolls so I opt for some of their "fusion" items.

Beef Tataki ($12.00)

The rib eye is sliced pretty thick for tataki, but the flavours are okay. DL didn't like this at all, as the pieces are a bit gristly. I like rib eye, and I eat it rare. So Kuro's version of tataki is like having a big ol' rare steak with ponzu.

Volcano Rice Omelette ($13.00)

Many visuals entered my brain when I read the name of this dish. Of course I must order it. I am envisioning a volcano shaped omurice! I guess Kuro's imagination isn't as low-classy as my imagination. Nothing arrives at the table looking like some classic elementary science fair project.
The omurice came out fluffy and packed with veggie fried rice. The tomato based sauce has some kick to it; perhaps that's where the volcano bit comes from? I find the red sauce a bit too overpowering for the already seasoned rice. I prefer the crab crème sauce. The white sauce makes this rice omelette a little different from the average omurice with ketchup. The omelette is finished with two tempura prawns and a sprinkle of fried garlic slices.

Spicy Chicken Teriyaki Bowl ($14.00)

Standard teriyaki rice bowl. Although, the chicken breast pieces have a tasteful amount of spicy heat, the bowl contains mostly veggies. There is a good mix of vegetables, and they maintain their texture nicely in the rice and sauce.

Genmaicha ($4.00)

I'm really thirsty.

Both the dishes have very in-your-face seasoning. I find it's a challenge to finish the large portions when the flavours are so strong. The omelette and rice bowl are pretty generous in terms of size. Keep this in mind if you are planning to save room for dessert.

Getting to Kuro can be a bit finicky. There isn't a westbound off ramp from Highway 1 directly to Eagle Landing Parkway (however, there is an eastbound highway exit.) I landed here in a roundabout way via Yale Road.

Kuro Asian Cuisine sits beside the Galaxy Cinema, for those who may want dinner and a movie. There is a lot of traffic circling the Eagles Landing parking lot; I imagine it will only get busier as more tenants move into the vacant spaces. In addition to the theatre, Kuro shares the parking lot with an A&W, Five Guys Burgers, Salad Loop, a frozen yoghurt bar and Walmart. The shopping complex is shiny and new; it will be interesting to see what other businesses end up roosting here.

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KURO Asian Cuisine
222 - 8249 Eagle Landing Parkway
Chilliwack, BC V2P 7K6
Phone: 604 392-5876


Wow are you ever a negative person. Maybe you should order take out. Eat in... get Netflix... watch the cooking channel. Hire a Limo so you don't have to deal with the traffic........
I'm sure you got the picture.
By the way......LOVED KURO!! Would recommend it to anyone.

Re: Really? - KURO

Hi Anon,
Whoa, I'm afraid you may have read WAY too much into my post!
LOL. I wasn't complaining about the traffic, silly. I was stating an observation. It's a good sign for business when there is a decent amount of traffic milling about in the parking lot, especially when the complex isn't even at maximum tenancy.

Did I really sound like a raging negative lunatic? I didn't love KURO, but I didn't stomp-it-into-the-ground-hate-it either. It was neither here, nor there. KURO's the kind of place that would be fitting for office staff parties. The space is contemporary and the menu is non-threatening. I'm glad you like Kuro. Please follow your own suggestion and do tell your friends, because the staff out-numbered the patrons when I visited.

Thanks for your suggestion on:
1. Getting take-away. I love eating-in as much as I like eating-out.
2. Netflix. I LOVE movies! However, I can't say I'm a big fan of Netflix, the selections for Canada have been slim pickings.
3. Food Channel. Every season I say to myself, "Alright, this is the last Top Chef season I'm watching. I have better things to do." Then I find myself unable to look away. Now I find myself too far into the Texas season to turn back...
4. Limo. Seriously, if I had the extra coin, damn straight I'd be kicking my steez up a notch with a Maybach and driver! Hellz yeah.

Thanks for reading Love of Eating.
Happy eating!

I loved the tactful response. You're blog is great!

I was reading your blog and came across this comment from someone hinting that you're a snob.

If you haven't guessed, I'm not afraid to speak my mind, and I don't think a food review is the time to beat around the bush.

You handled your response with tact, and I think it goes to show you well versed you are.. You describe your food experiences with fantastic detail, and that's exactly the type of things we want to hear.

Just because someone had a good dining experience that contradicts your review doesn't mean anything. Any restaurant can have its good or bad days.

The purpose of this comment is to let you know that you should keep up the great work!

The little snippets and extra commentary is what makes this blog glow. I live in Chilliwack myself, so I look forward to any additional reviews you will do out this way.

Thanks again for your work, it's really appreciated.

Re: Response - KURO Asian Cuisine

Hi Anon,
LOL. Thank you for your very kind words.
The funny thing is, I never thought my experience at KURO was at all negative. It just wasn't extremely one way or the other. I visited when they were quite new, so it would be interesting to see how they are now. The last time I drove past, I noticed the Eagle's Landing development has more tenants.

I love exploring Chilliwack!

Thank you for reading Love of Eating. Also, thank you for not taking me too seriously and having a sense of humour! (Tee, hee, hee.)

Happy eating,

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