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Doesn’t the workload leading up to the end of the year seem like it quadruples?
I have enough time tonight to deek into Indian Aroma for a little dinner. You can’t see Indian Aroma from the street, because it’s a food kiosk inside a building on Victoria Street. I have never been in this food court before. Most of the food outlets in here are closed for the night, but Indian Aroma is still open for business.

The exterior looks little bare bones, doesn’t it? I’m not sure how long Indian Aroma has been open in here, perhaps they are still in the midst of making the space their own. I suspect the empty overhead menu boards are left over from the previous food court tenant. No matter, let’s get some samosas!

Vegetarian Samosa (2 for 3.99)

I caught word of Indian Aroma's fried-triangles a few months ago when I saw A.L. Smithey clutching one. You’ll find the samosas waiting in the display case, and the lovely lady behind the counter will toss them into the fryer at the time of order. Chubby pockets of peas, potatoes and spices. It is served with the obligatory mint and tamarind chutneys. Samosa. It’s all I came for, but I have DL in tow with me, so that means a mandatory butter chicken order.

Butter Chicken, Rice and Naan ($7.00)

The naan is quite oily tonight. It is thinner bread, and not as “poufy” as other naan around town. I can sense the firmness of the chicken chunks, as I mix the butter chicken around with the plastic spoon. I just know the meat will not be tender. My mouthful confirms my suspicions. The chicken breast chunks are hard and extremely dry. Although the chicken meat is depleted, the saucy bath in which it swims is so delectable! The base is creamy, tomatoey and smooth with mild seasoning. If the meat was tender this would’ve been such a great dish. Perhaps I’ll give it another go on another day.

The eating area is bright with fluorescent lights and the space is roomy. I imagine Indian Aroma specializes in take-away orders, as our dine-in meal is still served in a take-out container. Their menu looks like a full service restaurant menu, but I didn’t order off that menu tonight, I just made my selection from what they had on display. Indian Aroma also has lunch combinations and daily specials written on their white boards too. Have you tried their menu dishes?


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Indian Aroma
101B - 340 Victoria Street (Food Court)
Kamloops, BC V2C 2A5
Phone: 250 377 1160

Hallo Lvoers, Great review!

Hallo Lvoers,
Great review! I have also tried the butter chicken and had found it a little stewing-hennish. You were right about the sauce, however...delectable! I'm looking forward to trying the legume dishes available. Vegetarian Indian food can be so comforting on a blustery day. I shall also bring my own cutlery. The curse of the food court for me is a bendy plastic utensil.
Cheers, A.L.
ps. Thank you for the shout-out! :) :)

Re: Hallo Lvoers - Indian Aroma

Darn it! You too? I was hoping I just ate an unfortunate batch of poultry pieces.
Admittedly, I like the sauce base enough that I will try again sometime in the future...fingers crossed for tender morsels.

Improved! - Indian Aroma

I just ate here and I have to tell you that my combo with chicken was moist and tender. I got here after their closing time, but they still took my order. Either I got a lucky batch, or there is a significant improvement. (I had the same tough/dry chicken experience as you earlier in the winter.) I declare it the best butter chicken in the loop.

I agree with you...

I think when the original blog about this food court was written then Indian Aroma was a new kid on the block. I have been a regular customer of theirs. Recently, I came to know that they actually started running in October. Now, they have a fantastic display board and food too. If you visit this place now, you will find it too professional. So, I think they should be given another chance to be judged...I love their food...

Re: I agree with you - Indian Aroma

Hi Anon,
Yes, when I first wrote about Indian Aroma back in December 2011, they were still pretty green.
DL ate there recently, and agrees with you and the other anonymous comment, that Indian Aroma is much better now than when they first opened.
For what it's worth, DL's been nudging me incessantly to go back.
Obviously I have to make a return trip soon.

Thanks for the update Anon!
Happy eating,

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