Chicken Time - Chilliwack, BC

*UPDATE: October 2012 Chicken Time is now closed.

Stop. Chicken Time.

Did the base line to Rick James' Superfreak just start playing in your head? Did visuals of MC Hammer dancing, in his namesake pants, to U Can’t Touch This start sequencing in your mind? This happens to me every time I see or think about this place.

The name is funny, no? I think it needs an exclamation mark at the end. Chicken Time!
This is one of those places I find myself drawn to simply because of the name: Chicken Time.

I’m not sure why I find the name Chicken Time so amusing. I mean, I don’t bust a gut when I drive by a Taco Time.

Chicken Time is an interesting eatery. The selections are a mix of flavours. The menu offers a little Thai here, a little Korean there and some Southern Fried Chicken too. There are even plans to add California Rolls to the mix in the near future. Although there are a handful of tables in the restaurant, Chicken Time strikes me as a take away restaurant for meals on the go.

Miso Soup

Miso soup is included in both dinners tonight. I’m not a huge fan of miso soup. Never have been. Nonetheless, I sip it down like a trooper.

Chicken Time Special ($9.95)

The chicken is tossed with bell peppers and pineapple chunks. The breaded chicken is still slightly crispy even with the sweet and spicy sauce. Both plates tonight are accompanied by steamed Korean rice and a light julienned side salad.

I really wanted to try their Southern Style Fried Chicken. Man, I haven’t had fried chicken in ages! The Southern Style Fried Chicken can be ordered as half (1.5 lbs) for $12.00 or whole (3 lbs) for $22.00. The Chicken Time kitchen prepares their chicken at the time of order, which means an approximate 20 minute wait. I still have a few hours of attentive driving to accomplish after dinner, so reluctantly I opt out of their fried bird. (Speaking from experience, being in a satiated and sleepy chicken-induced coma is not the best driving scenario.)

Beef Short Ribs ($13.95)

The Korean style short ribs are tender and saucy. I’m given a choice of cutting utensils: knife or scissors. There’s just something about snipping meat with scissors, which I find so...efficient. Especially with the Korean style short ribs. Snip snip and away we go! It is a generous helping of meat. Clearly more than the 75g deck-of-cards portion size advised by the Canada Food Guide.

I enjoy the short ribs more than the chicken special, but DL is quite the opposite preferring the chicken dish. Since I didn’t get to try their Southern Style Fried Chicken on this visit, I’m determined to swing in again to give it a go. After all, the place is called Chicken Time.

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Chicken Time Restaurant
#110 - 7491 Vedder Road
Chilliwack, BC V2R 6E7
Phone: 604 846 0656

Chicken Time is now closed

Just wanted to mention that Chicken Time is closed. Noticed it around August 2012. I never would have guessed that they would have done so poorly, because the look of the place was very nice.

I think being hidden almost behind Staples is what did them in, in the restaurant business it's location, location, location.

I use to go there only to get seaweed salad. It was delicious. It's strange that you could buy something like seaweed salad at a Chicken place, but it worked for me.

In its place is yet another Sushi restaurant. I think we have about 8 or 9 of them now in Chilliwack.

Re: Chicken Time is now closed

NO! Say it ain't so?
Yes, their location didn't exactly give them the most advantageous exposure, but I thought they'd do okay since they seemed to be busy most lunch times.



Nice intro.

Reminds me of how every time I pass by Manshadi Pharmacy in Kamloops, I get "...won't the real Manshadi please stand up, please stand up, please stand up" in my head to the tune of that Eminem song.

By the way, in case anyone's interested, Manshadi Pharmacy has an arrangement where they buy eggs from customers that have chickens. They sell the fresh eggs by the dozen with all extra funds (they sell a dozen for $4) going to Unicef. It's a great source for farm eggs when the market is not on.

Re: Names - Eggs at Manshadi Pharmacy

Marshall Mathers. I'm not going to lie, I watched 8 Mile and I recall I liked it.

Eggs for Unicef? Way to go Manshadi Pharmacy!
The pharmacy is located at Saint Paul Street and 5th Avenue in downtown Kamloops.

Thank you Mike for this handy info. Who would've guessed a pharmacy would have fresh eggs available, and with a portion of proceeds going to a great cause too!

Manshadi Pharmacy's eggs

Hi everyone! Thanks for mentioning our pharmacy and wonderful eggs. By the way, ALL of the proceeds go to UNICEF, we buy the free-range eggs at $3.50 from local farmers, and sell for $4; the $0.50 profit all goes to UNICEF.

Missagh Manshadi

Re: Manshadi Pharmacy UNICEF Egg Sales

Hi Missagh,
Thank you for clarifying this wonderful info! Now we can support our local farmers and UNICEF at the same time. (Fist pump!)


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