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Did you know there is pho available at Fratelli Foods?
I noticed this sign the other day at Fratelli Foods on Victoria Street. A bowl of pho can be had on Mondays or Wednesdays for $7. I strolled by during the weekend, so I couldn't try.

It will be awhile before I can get myself downtown on a Monday or Wednesday afternoon.

Have you tried Fratelli pho?


Fratelli Foods
223 Victoria Street
Kamloops, BC V2C 2A1
Phone: 250 314 0702

Another Fratelli Foods masterpiece: how to roast your own coffee

Fratelli Foods seems to do it all; and with style and grace. How could they get even better? Well, they are now the only retailers of green coffee beans in Kamloops that I know about. They even have coffee roasting lessons for the do it yourselfer. Coffee has never tasted so good since I started roasting my own beans. If you want a fresh roasted coffee taste, then go to Fratelli's and get some green beans to roast at home; you will never go back to your old coffee bean.

green beans

Just some fyi from another home roaster Zacks, will sell you some green beans, however you need to talk to the owner/manager as the front line staff is clueless as to whether they sell green beans.

what type of machine do they use at fratellis for the lessons?
The west bend poppery is a nice affordable option for an air roaster.


Fratelli Foods Pasta; simply the best pasta in Kamloops.

I used to think I was having great pasta, until I had Fratelli's Five dollar lunch Pasta. Excellent quality noodles made with 100% semolina flour and free run eggs from happy chickens. Top it off with parmigiano reggiano and a sprig of fresh basil and some Italian made sauce.

And the winner is....

Fratelli’s serves a Pho Bò tái which is very good loaded with a heap fresh ingredients. As well Fratelli’s Pho has wonderful aromatics, due to I believe the healthy helping of fresh herbs and a healthy dose of anise in the broth.

Interestingly while Fratelli’s wins in the aromatics the King’s broth is considerably more flavorful and rich making Fratelli’s broth seem painfully thin. To top it off there is also much more Bò tái in the King’s pho as well as the King has a nice helping of Bò viên which Fratelli’s is lacking entirely.

However a glaring omission with the King’s pho is in the inclusion fresh herbs which I believe if he starts to includes well as making his serving size equivalent to Fratelli’s (which is currently twice the size of the King’s) would make his pho untouchable in Kamloops

If The King really wanted to move to the next level and set the bar high he would offer a choice of steak, beef brisket, tripe, tendon, flank steak, fatty flank, or beef brisket with his pho. If that were to happen I would truly be ecstatic.


a new pho contender

I have it on good authority that there is a new contender for the Pho title in Kamloops. The Beijing restaurant has a “Vietnamese soup"...pho. I also understand that you have a few more options outside the regular fair in other Kamloops pho “gân” or tendon, “sách” or tripe are a couple of the options I was told where available.. I have not had the opportunity to visit myself however I thought I would give other other pho’caholics a heads up.

Re: New Pho Contender - Beijing Restaurant

Hi Anon,
Excellent info. I might be able to get to Beijing sooner than I can get to Fratelli's limited pho days.
Thanks for the heads up!

Re: And the winner is...

Hi Gary,
How much do I love the fact that you conducted your own Pho-Down with The Donut King and Fratelli pho?

Thank you so much for sharing your findings. I'm encouraged that Fratelli's has an aromatic pho. I haven't yet been able to get down to Fratelli Foods on the specified pho-days, but at least there is a choice between two different bowls of pho in this town.

Fresh Pasta

Haven't tried the pho, but I was in there on Friday and they have started making and serving fresh pasta with a choice of sauces for lunch daily. Didn't try it, as it was the end of the day, but I will have to at some point. For $5, seems like a reasonably priced good lunch.

Re: Fresh Pasta - Fratelli Foods

Hi Mike,
Five bucks for a fresh pasta lunch? I can get down with any cheap and cheerful lunch. Since pho is only served on limited days, I might have a better chance of catching this fresh pasta deal. Thanks for the heads up!


I had Pho once at Fratelli's and I can tell you that they put handfuls of ingredients (fresh!) into a massive styrofoam container. It's a very large soup that fed me for atleast 2.5 meals! I have never had Pho before so I can't be too much of a judge on how authentic it is. The herbs they put in it give it agave it an almost a cilantro taste to my tastebuds and it was very savoury and salty...

Re: Pho - Fratelli Foods

Hi Anon,
Thanks for chiming in! It makes me wonder just how long Fratelli's has been serving pho. All this time I've been in the dark about it. :)

Fratelli - pho

Made fresh without MSG and powdered soup bases. They only use the best ingredients and it shows in the taste. I love the "Vietnamese Soup Nazi", she is so cute and is the icing on the pho.

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