Tiger Ramen - Kamloops, BC

Tiger Ramen is a ramen joint in Kamloops.

Isn’t it great to be able to say that? Let’s say it again: Tiger Ramen is a ramen joint in Kamloops.
I had been doing not so convenient drive-bys, on a regular basis for weeks in anticipation of Tiger Ramen’s opening. The last time I did multiple drive-bys and Peeping Tom Dances in front of a yet-to-be opened eatery, was last summer waiting for the Ploughman’s Lunch and Coffee to open.

The space is cozy with a communal table in the middle, and bar seating around the perimeter of the dining area.

Gyoza ($2.75)

These taste homemade. I appreciate that the skin is not too crispy. Sometimes I find fried dumplings to be too “hard” after the frying.

Spicy Miso Barbeque Ramen ($8.75*)

There is so much barbeque pork! Slices of chāshū cover the entire surface area of the bowl. Tiger Ramen will add a Fire Ball of spicy paste to your bowl for 25 cents. It’s a big pat o’ fire, but you can customize your heat with each mouthful. The noodles wear a thin jacket of oil, when lifted from the miso broth, which let them slide down the gullet with ease.
*This bowl actually cost $9.50. Earlier, I had declined the up-sell of extra noodles for 75 cents, but later upon reading my receipt, I was charged for it anyways.

Tonkotsu Ramen ($8.50)

When I see the little circles of fat floating on the broth like drift ice on the Ohotsuku Sea, I knew the soup will be good when it hits my lips. The broth is pale, creamy and rich in porky goodness. Not over-the-top rich, but totally respectable rich. Tiger Ramen seems to use only one kind of noodle for all their ramen options: the thick curly kind. This is fine with me since the curly kind of noodle is much more fun to eat than the straight thin type. My slab of chāshū is tender, with just enough amount of fattiness. Some bamboo shoots, nori, and green onions finish this tonkotsu bowl. Tonkotsu, with an “o.” Let’s not confuse it with the Japanese schnitzel.

Tiger Ramen has a Facebook page click here to see, and they seem to still be working on their website, click here if you want to check it out.

Tiger Ramen is a ramen joint in Kamloops. Do you like how I write that as if there is more than one ramen shop in Kamloops? Tiger Ramen is the only ramen joint in Kamloops... and it’s a good start.


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Tiger Ramen
310 - 1210 Summit Drive (Columbia Square Shopping Center)
Kamloops, BC V2C 6M1
Phone: 778 471 6011

Tiger Ramen has DELICIOUS

Tiger Ramen has DELICIOUS Ramen!
I almost fell of my seat when I seen my Guy and I in your photo.

Re: Tiger Ramen has DELICIOUS

Welcome VintageSparkle!

You must have a keen eye! What gave it away?
Was it your distinctive Ramen-Slurping Hunch (we all have unique hunches, mine is more of the Notre Dame variety...)
Or the tell tale naked elbow of your guy?
Great to hear you both love Tiger Ramen.
I agree, very delicious!
We may very well bump into each other there again!
Happy Noodling,

I didn't realize it till a

I didn't realize it till a second scan over and I thought.. "Hey my guy has the same shirt...." Then it sunk in "Wait that is US!!!" *lol*

Happy Noodling to you too!
=D *hehe*

Tiger Ramen

I think I better make my way there soon. Everyone's review of this place has been nothing but positive. I've never ever had ramen before, so I think this would be a good initiation.

Mmmm...my gullet is craving

Mmmm...my gullet is craving the slippery noodle! Great post, and I'm so glad you liked it! I can't wait to try those gyoza.

Thanks and cheers,


I'm going to have to make a trip to check this out! Did you notice if the hours of operation are still 2:30 till sold out? Or 3:30... M-F, S&S?
Coming from Salmon Arm...

Re: Hours? - Tiger Ramen

Lucky for you, DL jotted down their current hours:
Tiger Ramen hours are Monday to Saturday 2pm to 8pm. Closed Sundays.

Re: Tiger Ramen open at Noon

Here's an update on Tiger Ramen business hours:
As of March 19 they are open for lunch starting at 12 noon. Whoot!

Business hours

Is it true it's open at noon? I'm so excited to be there.

looks really good ..

looks really good ..

Re: Looks really good... - Tiger Ramen

Exciting for ramen to hit Kamloops, no?
I totally want to try their "Stamina Don." Tee, hee, hee.
(Geez, I'm so 12 years old sometimes...)

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