The Zoo Ice Cream Parlor and Crêperie - Kamloops, BC

Speaking of Slashy’s another:
The Zoo Ice Cream Parlour and Crêperie. The ice cream-crêpe shop is slashed with Kamloops Cigar and Pipe Store. What a mix! This place is straight up the best possible way.

I can understand if you’re thinking its a little DDE-ish from the outside.
There is so much going on. I mean, SO much is going on here. Even before you set foot inside. Check out the exterior. An array of signage to consider, right? My eyes are drawn to the green Zoo signage, then over to...ah yes, they serve Chapman’s ice cream, but wait...the Cigar and Pipe sign pulls my eye over with the orange, yellow and black combination...oh look, they’re a Lottery Ticket Centre too!

The Zoo moved several doors or so down, from their previous location on Seymour Street, into this roomier space. The interior is bright and spacious with, of course, SO much going on inside too! The Zoo has a pool-hall-arcade-bowling-alley feel to it. The space is long wide with the ice cream and crêperie on the right, and upholstered bench seating that runs down the length of the wall on the left. At the end of the bench-seating, there are couches and coffee tables for lounging Keno players. Finally, a separate door at the end of the counter leads into the cigar and pipe room, if you’re here for more than two scoops of Maple Walnut.

Nutella and Banana Crêpe ($5.49*)

I love how the Zoo uses real Nutella. Some places use a generic hazelnut chocolate spread and it just isn’t the same.

I’m already pretty content with the Nutella and banana treat above, but the friendly counter person reveals that the Zoo makes their own vanilla cream. All the fruit crêpes come with vanilla cream. Well now...who am I to say no to home made vanilla cream?

Banana Crêpe with Vanilla Cream ($8.49*)

Look at the size of this dessert! This thin pancake holds an amazing amount of vanilla cream. The crêpe bulges with a freshly sliced banana and wickedly indulgent house-made cream.

The Zoo offers savoury or sweet crêpes that are made while you wait.

*These prices could be a loonie or so off. I remember reading on the menu board that the Nutella Banana crêpe is $5.49, but I didn’t bother confirming the price for the Banana Vanilla Cream crêpe. My receipt total for the two is $15.66, so I’m just guessing that that banana crêpe is approximately $8.49.

Oh I forgot to mention the pièce de résistance of the interior décor: a merchandiser.
Oh yes, the zoo has a Claw Crane in the corner for your picking pleasure. There’s something for everyone at The Zoo Ice Cream Parlour and Crêperie.

The Zoo Ice Cream Parlour and Crêperie is open Monday to Saturday 10:00am – 8:00pm and Sunday 12:00 – 6:00pm.
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The Zoo Ice Cream Parlour and Creperie
338 Seymour Street
Kamloops, BC V2C 4G3
Phone: 778 471 5641

Great minds think alike:


I was just about to hunker down and write a post about this place! I love your review, and I must try the banana crepe. How did I not see the claw machine! You've an eagle-eye, Lvoers! :)


Re: Great minds think alike...

...and fools seldom differ:)

Hi A.L.
I too, like to think we belong to the former.
Looking forward to your musing about the Zoo.
It's full of interesting characters, no? We shall see if you spent your day there smoking stogies and playing Keno...

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