Heartland Family Restaurant - Cache Creek, BC

Hello Cache Creek, it’s been a while. The Heartland Family Restaurant is a diner attached to the Sandman Hotel in Cache Creek, BC. Heartland is located across the street from the Husky Gas Station Restaurant and next door to the Lordco.

This DDE is smaller than I imagined it would be. The inside dining area holds approximately ten tables comprised of deuces and four tops. The outdoor dining patio looks spacious, even though the seating isn’t set up yet. Although it’s sunny this morning, the temperature with the wind is still a little on the cool side.

Lumberjack Breakfast ($12.95)

This is what Lumberjacks eat: Two pancakes, two strips of bacon, two sausages, and two eggs. Our server informs us that the Lumberjack Breakfast is not available due to a pancake shortage. (What? No pancakes?) I suggest we substitute French toast for the flapjacks. Voila, the Lumberjack Breakfast choice lives. However, can we still call it a Lumberjack Breakfast? Is Paul Bunyan laying aside his axe, to hunker-down on some dainty slices of bread dipped in egg batter?
The sausage links are hot off the flat grill; plump and juicy. All is well, with the crispy-flexible bacon and eggy thick sliced French toast.

Ham and Cheese Omelette ($11.50)

The country style omelette is large; it stretches the full length of the serving platter. The egg is filled with deli ham and lots of cheddar cheese. Two buttered slices of rye toast and homemade hash browns round out this generous breakfast.

Coffee ($2.00)

Heartland Family Restaurant serves a pretty okee dokee roadside diner breakfast if you’re in the area. The service today is solid. Coffee is repeatedly topped up, with multiple quality checks throughout our morning meal. The ingredients are typical highway diner items, but they seem to put care in their breakfast preparation. The Heartland Family Restaurant is open seven days a week 7:00am to 10:00pm.

I love being out and about early in the day. Now that Spring is here and the sun rises earlier, I’m reminding myself how much I love going out for breakfast. I can’t wait for my next petit déjeuner exploit. I sense my musings may become hash brown heavy in the future.


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Heartland Family Restaurant
987 Trans Canada Highway 1
Cache Creek, BC V0K 1H0
Phone: 250 457 9330

Pancake shortage?

Very odd, considering the ingredients for pancakes are the simplest in the world. If the shortage was flour, this makes me very nervous, in an economic sense. Are breadlines next? Time for me to start stockpiling!

By the way, your image of Paul Bunyan is going to plaster a smile on my face all day. Thank you!


Re: Pancake Shortage - Heartland Family Restaurant

Hi A.L.
I thought it was odd as well, but I not so much that I felt the need to inquire further about it. But I am curious as to what would constitute "no pancakes today." Flour is a logical guess.

Did the visual in your head have Paul sitting on a stump; elbows and knees out; using a fork and knife, with his little swollen pinky fingers out? Mine did.

Re Re: Pancake Shortage:

My Paul Bunyan visual did indeed! Also in mine Blue the ox was beggin for a pancake, tottering on his hind legs.

Btw, for some reason I don't get your replies in my email inbox (hence the silence/late reply). I blame gmail!


Re Re Re: Pancake Shortage


A.L. you are currently commenting under "Anonymous."
If you like, you can register/login a user account on Love of Eating, then there will be an option of receiving a notification when there is activity or replies to your comments.

Hope this helps,


Thanks for the review. I've got a co-worker that raves about this place and I drive by it semi-frequently, but it's never drawn me inside. Maybe I'll check it out some time. As you say, looks like a pretty solid roadhouse breakfast. Price point seems a little on the high side for what it is, but I guess that it is some of the finer dining in Cache Creek.

Re: Heartland

Hi Mike,
Yes, the entrees are definitely a few loonies higher than other breakfast options in the area. LOL, fine dining! (Snort)
Usually with DDEs I try to do a breakfast first. It always seems like a safer bet. Does your co-worker rave about the breakfast or the dinner foods at Heartland? Perhaps I’ll roll the dice one day and try…

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