Carolyn's Cozy Cafe - Kamloops, BC

Still on my breakfast kick. This is Carolyn’s. Is it still called Carolyn’s Cozy Café? In any event, Carolyn’s is a DDE located amongst the buildings that make up the Acadian Motor Inn on Columbia Street.

Carolyn’s diner is open for breakfast and lunch, closing at 2:00pm (1:30pm on Saturdays.) We roll in bright n’ early for breakfast, passing through a random lounge-waiting area. The dining room is already packed! The Acadian Inn is very busy today too. I observe many guests packing up their luggage and loading their families into vehicles this morning.

One Egg Breakfast ($5.50)

The One Egg meal comes with a choice protein (bacon, ham or sausage,) some hash browns and a slice of toast. The house made hash browns are the big chunky potato wedge type. At first glance it may seem like not much spudsy hash, but because it’s the wedgie-kind of hash brown, there is plenty of pan fried potato goodness for the morning.

Waffles ($4.50)

This is a side order. I didn’t see waffles as an extra side listed on the menu, but our server informs me that anything can be a served as a side. Well then, hit me up with some waffle action! The squares have a crispy but forgiving outside, and hot n' soft inside.
With a mouthful of syrupy griddle cake, I peer out the window and notice a young motel guest, banging on the window of one of the suites with his fists. Just walloping on the glass. He's about 8 or 9 years old; I think he's been accidently locked out.

Perogy Breakfast ($9.95)

This is a large breakfast. There are four potato pockets covered in bacon pieces and onions, two eggs, toast and a small mound of garlic sausage slices. The caramelized onions and real bacon bits make DL’s head nod in approval. It’s comparable to the Farmer’s Platter I had at Dee’s Country Corner Café. I prefer the sausage at Dee’s, but DL prefers the sausage at Carolyn’s.
The little dude is now employing a fist-to-window, and foot-to-door combination. I can hear his booms from the restaurant, but whoever is in the suite have not.

Carolyn’s Café is a diner. You will get a diner breakfast, with diner service. The lone server today is wonderfully efficient. The room is full with guests coming and going. There’s one staff member up front and one cranking out the orders from the kitchen. The lady running the show seems to be able to take care of every table with ease and a smile. You’d never know that she's the only one on deck.

Finally, a bleary eyed parental unit opens the door. My young buddy throws his hands up, and lets out an exhausted sigh of relief while he saunters into the room. Carolyn’s Café must welcome a lot of regular dining guests. More than one party shares familiar banter with the server, and depart with, “See you next week” before they head out the door.


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Carolyn's Cafe
1390 Columbia Street (Acadian Inn)
Kamloops, BC V2C 2W8
Phone: 250 851 3832

This place isn't an abandoned site??

Hi Lvoers,

The better half and I have lurked around this hotel a couple times (after 2pm) checking out the exterior of the restaurant. Judging from the hotel's dingy-ness (ie, abandoned swimming pool with weeds and shopping cart), I honestly thought it was at worst, a Bates-esque motel, and at best a ScoobyDoo-esque motel with owner masked as a pirate-ghost. Thanks for the review (loved the neglected child storyline). You are brave to cross the thresholds of the DDEs. My heroine! *swoon*


Re: Abandoned site? - Carolyn's Cafe

Hi A.L.

Kinda dodgy lookin' from the road, no?
But the diner was busy. I'm always inclined to think that if a place is teeming with regulars there must be something to it...

Zoinks! I completely missed that they had a scary pool. I would've totally taken a photo!

I love that you and your half go out and do reconnaissance in your spare time :)



Glad you checked this place out. I've been wondering about it for years and will probably make a visit now.

Is there a separate lunch menu or is the menu you posted all they have?

Re: Lunch? - Carolyn's Cozy Cafe

Hi Mike,
Good question. I don't know if they have a lunch menu.
I was only given the one page menu you see above.
However, I went very early in the morning so it wasn't as if I could be going in for anything other than breakfast.

Carolyn's closing times are on the earlier side, so I wouldn't be surprised if it's a breakfast all day type of place.

Perhaps others may know more...

Re: Lunch? - Carolyn's Cozy Cafe

There is indeed a lunch menu, only available after 11:00, which means it is served for only three hours. The usual fare: burgers, sandwiches, soup, salad, etc.

Re: Lunch Menu at Carolyn's Cozy Cafe

Hi Mike,
Goodness, when I read "it is served for only three hours" I felt a little anxiety already filling my chest. I'm a slow eater.

I know 3 hours is plenty of time to eat a meal, but I often don't have a chance to start lunch until 1pm. I would feel so rushed, I'm not sure if I could relax. LOL.

Thanks for the info. If you get a chance, let us know if the lunch is worth the rush down before closing time!



Like their hours: breakfast lunch and we're out of here! Bet they have or had kids in school. Nice shot of the perogies.

Re: Carolyn's

Hi Anon,
LOL. I know, right? I guess it's logical, I imagine their busiest times would be the breakfast crowd with the traffic trickling down after lunch.

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