Butterscotch Peanut Butter Marshmallow Squares a.k.a Butterscotch Confetti Squares Recipe

I’m feeling a little junk foodish today. These squares show up all the time during holidays and random potlucks. Recently, a co-worker of mine was chatting about this retro treat, and the conversation reminded me of the last time I ate these sweets at the Ashcroft Bakery and Coffee Shop.

The Ashcroft Bakery calls them Butterscotch Confetti Squares, but they also go by the descriptive name of Butterscotch Peanut Butter Marshmallow Squares. The latter moniker pretty much tells the eater three quarters of the ingredient list. Seriously, three quarters. The only other ingredient is butter.

I think I have come a long way in terms of some preferences. Things that I harbour a hate-on for, are begrudgingly becoming "likes."
Firstly, I don’t like ickly sweet things. This is an ickly sweet recipe. Secondly, I’m not a peanut butter fan. But damn, this nut paste has grown on me the past few years. Thirdly, I don’t often eat marshmallows, and I never eat marshmallows in their original un-melted state. This recipe calls for not only marshmallow, but the weird flavoured and unnaturally coloured kind. (Shivers...)

These are the four ingredients you’ll need:

1 cup peanut butter (you can use ½ cup if you want it less peanutty and more butterscotch-y)
½ cup good quality butter
250 grams of butterscotch baking chips (small bag)
400 grams of “fruit flavoured” coloured marshmallows (big bag)

I have never in my life purchased multi-coloured mini marshmallows before. Never. In my life. You can use half the amount marshmallows (200 grams) if you want more of the butterscotch medium.

Put peanut butter, good quality butter, and butterscotch chips in a big ol’ pot. I use my trusty 24 quart Dutch oven. The butterscotch chips take the longest to melt. You can melt the chips first in a microwave, but that’s an extra step I can’t be bothered with. I just hover over the pot smooshing the chips with a rubber spatula until smooth.

If you don’t smoosh the chips smooth the finished product will have hard butterscotch pieces throughout. Some people don’t mind this, but I do. Once the first three ingredients are smooth, have patience and let it cool down a smidge. I let the mixture cool until I am able to put my palm on the bottom of the pot without pain. The cooling step is important if you like the peanut butter butterscotch to be evenly distributed throughout the marshmallows. Otherwise a thick fudgy layer will settle at the bottom of the pan with the ‘mallows floating on top.

Here’s a batch I did without waiting for the mixture to cool:

Next, dump in the mini coloured marshmallow. Stir to coat.

Pour and pack into a pan of your choice. I use an 8X8X2 inch square brownie pan with the bottom lined with parchment paper. I also did a batch in a 9X13 inch cake pan. I like the look of the finished product using the brownie pan, because it makes tall thick cubes. Whereas the 9X13 cake pan makes shorter, not so thick bars.

Put the pan of goodies into refrigerator until cold and set. (I just leave it in the fridge overnight.) After all is chill and set, I dump the entire square out onto a cutting board before cutting into cubes with a cleaver. Yes, a cleaver. A cleaver is not over kill. I find this method is so much more efficient than fussing about with a knife trying to cut the squares inside the pan. I heart my cleaver.

After I cut my squares, I then promptly put them in the freezer. Butterscotch Peanut Butter Marshmallow Squares a.k.a Butterscotch Confetti Squares are best eaten frozen. Well, the ingredients don’t actually freeze completely, but they have a nougat-like texture if you eat them straight from the freezer. It's pretty safe to say this little dessert cube is devoid of any real nutrition. C'mon you just Boogied the Bridge, enjoy a little empty calorie.


Great recipe but...

Awesome recipe. I also microwaved mine before and it turned out great. My only suggestion would be that at the end of the blog post to format this as an actual recipe (bullet point ingredients and numbered steps). It was annoying to have to keep scrolling to see the next step.

Peanut Butter Marshmallows Squares/Bars

I made these and they did not turn out. There were too many marshmallows and not enough of the melted 20 peanut butter, butterscotch and butter mixture. Will not try this recipe again.

Butterschotch chips alternative...

….. i love these and mademoiselle them all the time when I used to live in Canada! But now that I live in mexico i can’t find the butterscotch chips….. is there à way to make them from scratch? How can i make a butterscotch sauce?….that would be like already melted… please help! I have a craving!

Love These !

I have been making these for years and years. I will sometimes add chopped up nuts (any kind u like) and/or 1/3 c of coconut. Any way u like them...THEY ARE ADDICTIVE ! :)))

My favourite Christmas recipe

I have just made my first batch of Rainbow Confetti Squares, it never feels like Christmas in my house until I have made a batch of these! They turn out perfect everytime.


this recipe is called Butterscotch Confetti from the cookbook series of Jean Pare Companys Coming

Seriously, the easiest way to

Seriously, the easiest way to do this is put it in the microwave and usually about 1.5 minutes in mine and everything is melted just right and no waiting to cool. I did the pot way once and I ended up melting my marshmallows.

Confette squares

I just realized I bought white chocolate chips with brownie bits...I thought the brownie bits would be real chocolate as well, so proceed to melt everything together, then came to realize the brownie bits are actual hard brownie pieces...so I should have cut back on the peanut butter...so now the squares are not going to solidify. ...any suggestions as to what I can add to harden them up?

Love these

My Mom loves these and we make them all the time


absolute must at Christmas. I press mine into small soup tins lined with parchment and sprayed with pam. When set I slice into rounds

Nut free alternative

Do you think this recipe would work with Wow butter in stead of peanut butter?

I've been making this recipe

I've been making this recipe for years using WOW butter and it's just as delicious!

Wow butter

I worked/managed in a nut free school cafeteria and tried with wow butter and u couldnt taste the difference

re: nut free

Yes, you can use Wow butter. I've just made it on the weekend and one of my friends can't taste the difference, especially when one of my girlfriend's son has peanut allergy.

I've done it! Worked great!

I've done it! Worked great! :) annnddd no one could tell the difference. Honestly.


I do it all the time. No one knows the difference unless you tell them

Re WOW butter

Works well. Almost there same texture, a little stiffer. Could add a tbsp more butter :-)

Great recipe

These are sooooo good! I started my Christmas "baking" last night and this is the recipe I tried first. My husband walked in the door and asked "you made 2 batches of these right" so it will be back to the store for me to buy all the ingredients for a second batch.

I find so long as you melt

I find so long as you melt everything on low heat slowly it doesn't get gritty. Then make sure the mixture is cool enough to not melt the marshmallows.
I used this recipe last year and melted it to fast on med heat it turned out gritty. This year on low heat perfect.

Peanut butter squares

I use a double boiler to do the melting. Turns out every time.

Butterscotch Confetti Squares

Just a note to say I have been using this recipe for years, but I put all the ingredients into a large microwave safe bowl (except the marshmallows) and microwave for one minute on reg power (my microwave has 1-5 min keys) and it comes out perfect every time!

I let mine cool till I could

I let mine cool till I could touch the pot and still had a layer at the bottom. Also this amount of marshmallows seemed like I had too many since I don't really have the butterscotch in between. It's just a bunch of marshmallows with the thick layer at the bottom. :( still tastes good though

Re: Thick layer at bottom

That happened to me too so after putting everything in the pan and into the fridge I took it out after 10 mins or so and stirred it up with a spatula and back into the fridge. Seems to work.


This is an awesome recipe! Although I was having trouble getting a smooth and creamy texture so I just added about another 1/4 of butter and it solved the problem instantly! Just a tip for anyone else who may have had the same issue! :)

Butterscotch Peanut butter marshmallow squares

Made these for years, but add 1/2 cup of corn flakes as well and the crunch is so good.

Butterscotch Peanut Butter Marshmallow Squares

I love these squares but never made them before. I recently made some but the peanut butter mixture was gritty. The second time I made them I took extra time melting the chips etc. and they were not gritty, but the marshmallows started and to melt and I had that layer of peanut butter on the bottom.
So, today I made them and as per your advice I let the mixture sit and cool before I adding the marshmallows. The marshmallows did not melt but the mixture was gritty again. PLEASE, what am I doing wrong.


Just made them. Perfect. Was afraid of the gritty factor. So opted to try the microwave version. Everything but marshmallows for 1 minute on normal. Stir till smooth. Add marshmallows. Stir. Chill for 10 min. Stir. (Longer if needed) press into pan and chill for a few hrs at least. Perfect!


Ensure that you're using good quality SMOOTH peanut butter. I once blended my chunky peanut butter and it came out gritty. But when I used the kraft brand it turned out perfectly:)

If you're cooking the mixture

If you're cooking the mixture too hot while you're melting it, it will get sugary(gritty)

My Mom has made these for

My Mom has made these for Christmas ever since I can remember, I'm in my *cough* 50's ;) And now they are included in my son's gifts for Christmas, he's addicted! I just wanted to thank you for posting this because I have all the ingredients waiting on my counter!
Thank you again, Merry Christmas!

My family is getting together

My family is getting together for thanksgiving dinner tonight. I wanted to make peanut butter squares for them for dessert, so i got onto the internet and searched for the recipe. I came across your recipe and used it. Now i only made one pan of squares. After slaving over the stove for not more than a few minutes, i decided that i would read other peoples comments. I only have one question. Do you think 3 pans will be too much for people who love my peanut butter squares. I have 17 people coming for supper.


Christine (going to make another 2 pans right now)


Just searched this recipe to make my father in law some of these (his favorite treat). I just have to tell you that I love your writing style. Your site is wonderfully done! Thank you! PS, I didn't let the pb mix cool and I got exactly as you've got pictured. I just had to know how long to cool the pb mix and your fun and helpful site answered everything I needed to know. Thanks again! Sharon Donohue


I usually make sure I continually stir until it's as smooth as can be. Turn it off. Cover it with a paper towel if like me you are concerned about flies. Go watch a movie. Read a book. Come back every 15 min or so and stir it. As long as it is still liquidy but has sat an hour or so (I don't time it), the marshmallows will evenly coat instead of the thick layer of stuff at the bottom. Varying the time each time will find your preferred ratio. Add the marshmallows - evenly stir and pour into pan.

Amount of Marshmallows

Hi, thanks for putting up this recipe in exact amounts. This recipe has been in my family's recipe book as long as I can remember, but the recipe was always vague with the marshmallows ("a small bag of coloured marshmallows"). So thanks to you I was able to add an actual weight to it. I love this recipe - almost especially because you can't eat too much of it like you can for other treats.

One of my family's favorites too!

Thanks! I misplaced my recipe and stumbled upon your site in my search.

Thought I'd add my twist to your comments as my hubby and I are not fond of the butterscotch flavored chips. We love peanut butter, so I make them with peanut butter chips. Oh my!!! If you are a PB fan, that is definitely the way to go!

Happy New Year everyone!

Christmas Classic, brings back memories

My husband is not a chocolate fan, so every Christmas season I make these. I to was unaware of the flavoured marshmellows. By dumb luck I have always ended up with non-flavoured. He loves these and for a tray of squares, these really add colour.
Carebear 36

So good!

I love these, I like to add some rice crispies to lighten it up a little bit.


I have tried the squares with Nutella and it's just like eating Reece's Pieces only better if eaten frozen. I also went one step further after all what's a few extra calories. I take butterscotch hard chips and sprinkle on top. My grandson's think Nana is the greatest. LOL And that's worth the smiles on the little guys faces when I sit the pan in front of them and ask how big should we cut them.

Love these but don't use Fruity marshmallows

I've been making these for years! always a hit. Just one note: I suggest that you just use coloured mini-marshmallows, NOT fruit-flavoured ones like the recipe suggests. Seriously, they come coloured and unflavoured as well as fruit-flavoured. One Christmas, the store was out of unflavoured/coloured so I bought the fruity ones thinking "whatever". Oh NO! My family thought they were nasty!!! I threw them out - so, so, so terrible. Think of it as mixing melted peanut butter and butterscotch chips in with your lime or cherry jello. If I can't find unflavoured coloured, I use white. Fruity ones are great in a cool whip jello salad but not a good mix with PB and butterscotch - that's my opinion anyway.

Re: Love these but don't use Fruity marshmallows

Hi BCGirl,

I had no idea non-fruit flavoured marshmallows existed. I just assumed that if they are coloured, then all of them must be flavoured. Clearly, I don't spend enough time reading the fine print...
However, after making these confetti cubes, I think the colour does add a little something. I'll have to seek out the non flavoured colour mallows next time. Thanks for this tip!

The more you know... :)

Quick & Easy....By a no-baker.

First of all, I don't bake. I am happy to report this is super easy, quick and contains simple ingredients. These squares have been a longtime favorite of mine at luncheons, Christmas events etc. I always expected they were a lot of work- they are NOT! I doubled the batch, because i knew they would NOT last long in my house!

I used 1.5 cups unsalted and unsweetened peanut butter, 1/2 cup Nutella, 1 cup margarine, 250 grams of butterscotch chips, 250 grams of Reese Peanut Butter baking chips, 400 grams white mini mellows, and 400 grams colored mini mellows (because that is all I had in my pantry, I wanted to use up what ingredients I had and not purchase more). I put the PB and nutella, baking chips and margarine in a 2L microwave safe Pyrex dish- microwaved on high for 1 minute, remove and mix with spatula; then another minute in the microwave on high, remove and mix with spatula; then 30 seconds back in the microwave on high. I removed the Pyrex dish, mixed well, and combined with mellows in a large Tupperware bowl. It all blended nicely, then placed in a large greased baking dish. They are AWESOME! (and FYI....I STILL don't bake ;)

confetti squares

one word says it all, "yum"!

Try this one!

So, I got a little creative with your recipe tonight! 3/4 cup of peanut butter, and 1/4 cup Nutella....125g butterscotch chips and 125g chocolate chips! Awesome!!!!

Re: Try this one! - Peanut Butter Marshmallow Squares

Oooh Anon, this does sound like it would be cubes of awesome-ness,
I've never met a Nutella item I didn't like...
I will try this!
With the addition of hazelnut and chocolate, I'm thinking if this would be a good time to also change over to plain mini marshmallows?
Thanks for sharing your recipe tweaks!

(Now I have to go and find mini marshmallows...I hope the market shelves have been replenished as the 'mallow supply was empty just before the holidays...;)


Made these today with my daughters (4 and 6). Finished it all while supper was in the oven! Perfect for the Christmas party, and super fast.....may not make it to the party....might have to make another batch! Thanks for posting!

Re: AWESOME!!! - Butterscotch Confetti Squares

Thanks for trying the recipe. Aren't they the best? And this is coming from a person who doesn't like sweets.
Try them frozen. It's a whole other texture party in your mouth. ;)

Make sure there's a plate of these on the dessert table in three days!
Thanks for letting us know how they turned out.
Happy Christmas,

Alternate options

this is a great microwave cooker with less chance of burns. just use a large pyrex cup microwave for 1 min and stir, add extra 30 second trips to the microwave until all the chips are melted in and uniform.

Less waiting time to stir in marshmallows.

Also, optional when pouring into pan, grease with butter and lay graham crackers as a base to the squares.

Re: Alternate options - Peanut Butter Marshmallow Squares Recipe

As you may know, these multi coloured cubes show up on almost every Canadian Christmas dessert table.

The festive holiday season is coming upon us so I'm sure your timely advice will come in handy the next time I make a batch of these.

Thanks Anon for this time saving tip.

I totally agree... these are

I totally agree... these are SO much better when eaten frozen (a sentiment I apply to most types of baking!). Thanks for the post (came upon it on pinterest), i think i'm going to make some today!

Love This Recipe

This is one of my all time favourite desserts!!

Gonna make it today!!!


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