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Every time I see the signage for Kekuli Café, I wish myself a merry Christmas à la Bing Crosby. Why? I don’t know. There is no reason for me to do this. Kekuli looks nothing like Kalikimaka, does it?

It is early in the morning, but the weather is already comfortably warm in Westbank. When I arrive, the outside patio tables are already occupied by early bird diners.


Did you know that Kekuli Cafe is opening the Kekuli Bistro on the Beach in Osoyoos this May long weekend? Yes, that's this weekend...

Strawberry Banana Smoothie

DL had lunch here at Kekuli the day before, and someone at the table was sipping a Kekuli smoothie. That's why we have one at the table this morning. The icy granules of strawberry banana smells so delicious and sweet when it comes to the table. There is more strawberry-ness to it than banana, but refreshing none the less. Careful, brain freeze is inevitable.

Melted Mozza Breakfast Bannock Sandwich ($3.89)

The fried bread is fresh and soft. Kekuli serves a deep fried bannock, which has a softer fluffier texture than the shallow-pan-fried bannock that I’m used to. I like both for different reasons, but it feels like a treat to have the deep fried version. The bacon adds just enough salty seasoning to the mild tastes of the tomato and cheese.

I look across the table, and DL's face is crinkled up in brain freeze action.

Okanagan Sunshine Breakfast ($5.95)

The Sunshine Breakfast is served all day. I have a choice of sausage patties, ham or bacon, then another choice of hash browns, fruit or granola; finally two eggs and some bannock round out this morning meal selection.

After recovering from the initial two, DL is on the third sip of the smoothie and the third brain freeze. Um, after the first freeze I would have paced myself...

French Bannock Toast with Saskatoon Wildberry ($7.95)

This is a perfect not-too-sweet side to accompany the above breakfasts. Kelkuli’s version of French toast gives the bannock an added crispiness, which helps it hold the toppings without getting soggy. I ended up enjoying this French Bannock Toast the most out of the three items we tried today. Who doesn’t like fried dough?

The service is super friendly and pretty darn quick; our meals appear from the kitchen without much of a wait. The space is roomy, tidy and clean. The high ceilings and natural light makes it feel very open and airy. It’s a comfortable space. Did you know the Kekuli Café started out as a bannock shack, in a car wash concession stand, just down the street? The food today, aside from the bannock, is standard home-style diner quality items. However Kekuli’s biggest draw is their fresh warm fry bread; it is indeed worth coming back for.

After being somewhat entertained this morning by another person's pain, I show DL my little brain-freeze-relief-trick. It's done by pushing the tongue up, to apply pressure on the roof of the mouth, to relieve brain-freeze symtoms. It works. Try it the next time you have brain-freeze.


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Kekuli Café
3041 Louie Drive, Unit #505
Westbank, BC V4T 3E2
Phone: 250 768 3555
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