Walkers Toffee at The Bulk Barn - Kamloops, BC

The Bulk Barn was never on my list of Lets-Check-It-Out places until A.L. bumped into a Pal-o-Mine there earlier this year. I’m one of those people who isn’t completely comfortable with self-serve bulk foods. Does this surprise you? Please.

Come on; think about the bulk section in your favourite grocery store. Picture how it always looks like a gaze of raccoons have ransacked the bins. Then you walk down the aisle crunching with every step, as your shoes destroy a myriad of loose products that never made it into the clear plastic baggie.
Also, how long have those Cheezie Poufs been in that barrel?

Although the Bulk Barn can use more pens at each Bag and Twist Tie Station, the store is pretty clean. There is often a staff member vacuuming and replacing the scoopers. The Bulk Barn has quite a bit more to check out than just pretzels and kidney beans. This was a pleasant surprise. If you take your time and look on the shelves above the bulk bins, there are many non bulk “regular” items. Most notably there are loads of import goods and retro treats. If British expats are wondering where they can acquire Walkers tray toffee, Flake or a jar of Branston Pickle, it’s at the Bulk Barn.

Walkers Liquorice Toffee ($2.29)

So creamy and buttery. If I recall correctly the Bulk Barn also carried the Walker flavours of original toffee, Treacle, and Brazil nut. Remember to give it a whack before you unwrap.

I notice quite a selection of baking pans and cake decorating items too. The Bulk Barn is like a hybrid of a dollar store, the grocery store bulk section and the import foods aisle. For those of you on specialized diets, The Bulk Barn also stocks a large selection of gluten free products and dairy alternatives too. Their non dairy alternatives are competitively priced to boot. I found Rice Dream, Soy Dream and Coconut Dream for $2.89 per 946ml tetra pak. I pick up some Coconut Dream today, since I have not come across this in the other stores on my grocery route.

Bulk Barn is worth a little peek because the barn seems to have a little of everything. I like that we can reduce excessive packaging when it comes to bulk items. So, despite my hypersensitive issues with self serve bulk bins, I do actually buy certain things in bulk.
Just not Cheezie Poufs.


Bulk Barn
500 Notre Dame Drive (Columbia Square Shopping Centre)
Kamloops, BC
Phone: 250-377-3700

Cinnamon sticks

Does this store sell cinnamon sticks in the bulk section or where can I get them in Kamloops?

Re: Cinnamon sticks - Bulk Barn

Hi Anon,
Do you mean Cinnamon Stick Candy or actual cinnamon sticks as in the spice?
I know for certain they have the spice, but I do not recall seeing stick candy. However, I wasn't looking for stick candy at the time of my visit.

If you are looking for stick candy, I recall Papa’s Candy Shop in Sahali Mall carries stick candy, but I don't recall the flavours. If you are downtown, I would try Fudge Yeah! on Victoria Street across from the library.
Good luck on your search!

Thanks for taking the time to comment,

Bulk Barn

I agree they carry many varied excellent products. Try the UrbanZen Green Tea drink with real ginger juice, we buy it regularly,its very refreshing with no artificial preservative's.... our favourite drink

Re: Bulk Barn

Hi Anon,
Thanks for the green tea tip. I'll keep my eyes peeled for it next time I'm in the Barn. I often buy a honey jasmine iced tea drink from some Asian brand (can't recall it right this second) I'll have to give Urban Zen a go too.

Thanks for taking the time to comment,

Bulk Barn Blues:

I am blue because I'm not at the Bulk Barn right now, picking up some of dat toffee. Great post! I also am skittish around bulk items (terrible children pawing through candy, etc), but the Bulk Barn seems to run a pretty tight ship.
Great post!

Re: Bulk Barn Blues

Hi A.L.
I have to admit, I didn't think I would be so drawn to the Bulk Barn. I've been back a few times.
I love peeking around this place.

Thanks for the intro to the Barn!

Re:Re: Bulk Barn Blues

Aw shucks, I'm sure you would have found out about the Barn regardless of my post...if you are like me the giant window photographs of oversized candy would have caught your eye sooner or later! ;D

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