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I’m making a quick stop at the Matterhorn Bakery for a snack before continuing on with the day. I stumbled upon the Matterhorn Bakery when I took a wrong left turn and found myself in a labyrinth of retail shops, eateries and a movie theatre. There are a number of grey haired ladies entering and exiting the tea room so I figure, why not?

London Fog ($3.55)

Earl Grey, steamed milk and a vanilla sweetener = creamy and not too sweet. The fragrant tea isn’t lost amongst all that milk.

Apple Slice ($1.95)

This strudel slice is stuffed full of cinnamon-y apples. There are golden sultanas mixed in there too. Although I’m not a big fan of raisins, I still enjoyed this chubby slice.

Hot Chocolate ($3.55)

Dark and chocolately. This hot cocoa is rich even without the whipped cream topping.

Lemon Meringue Tart ($2.60)

The mountainous meringue looks so tempting in the display case, I have to try one. As a whole this tart is very sweet. The custard did not look homemade. It is artificially fluorescent day-glow yellow and translucent. The filling has more of a Jell-O texture rather than a custard texture. The meringue, although eye catching, is sticky and cloyingly sweet.

I’ve only tried a few things here, but I’m sensing it can be a bit hit or miss. The Matterhorn Bakery has been around for decades. However the original owners no longer run the show. It is still a family run bakery; just with a new family now.

The members behind the counter are at ease providing conversation and prompt service. The Matterhorn retains some of the bakery’s long-time clientele. I watch as a loyal retired couple, who “have been coming here (to the Matterhorn) for sixteen years,” help two young tourists from Sweden plan their trip for upcoming five days. I witness a travel memory in the making.

A few years from now, somewhere in Stockholm:
“Honey, do you remember that little tea room in Canada where we had breakfast and that little old lady commandeered our table on a whisper of us being tourists; brought out their own maps from their car and planned our entire trip through the Okanagan for us? Those Canadian people are so friendly.”

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Matterhorn Bakery Hours:
Monday to Saturday 7:00am to 5:00pm
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The Matterhorn Bakery Tea Room
Unit #103 - 3640 Gosset Road
Westbank, BC V4T 2N4
Phone: 250 768 3302
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