Big Sky Station Cafe - Savona, BC

Hello September! I know fall doesn’t officially arrive until the Autumnal Equinox, but to me, summer is basically kaput after August. On a happier note: it’s harvest time! I’ve been eating exclusively out of my little garden for almost two weeks now. My home menu is beginning to get a little tomato and zucchini heavy in the past few days though.

I’m stopping for petrol and a bite to eat here at Big Sky Station. I think it is also referred to as Big Sky Husky. They completed the changeover to Husky recently. Yes, I know it is a gas station.
Do you like how I distracted you with my gardening update first, before laying it on you that I’m eating at another gas station? Bazinga!

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The Skeetchestn Indian Band’s venture into a gas station café seems to be a mighty successful one. It is located on Highway 97 near the Deadman-Vidette Road turnoff. There are a half dozen or so tables in the cafe section, letting diners eat-in if you aren't in a hurry. Every time I come through this way, Big Sky Station is always packed. The petrol is always a bit cheaper here too.

I'm hungry. Let's get a taco.

Indian Taco - Chili and Bannock ($8.50)

Big Sky’s version of this pow wow staple is enormous. The open face bannock is thick, soft and ripping hot. Even with the generous scoops of mildly spiced chili piled on top, the fry bread stays fluffy without sogginess. I like the contrast in temperatures between the top and bottom too. The cheese, lettuce and tomatoes stay cool on top, while the bottom chili and bannock remain hot throughout lunch. I found the generic tomatoes and lettuce bland, but to be fair, I’ve been noshing on my garden tomatoes all week and well, nothing can compare to a backyard garden tomato.

According to their café brochure, Big Sky’s “bannock is served every Friday from July 1st to Labour Day.” I did not know this piece of info until just now. I may be mixing up my Bannock-Making–Gas-Stations, but I thought I’ve encountered bannock at Big Sky outside of these dates in the past.

Stop shaking your fist at me! I am aware Labour Day is today, and according to the brochure there’s pretty much no chance you can get your own Big Sky bannock taco until Canada Day 2013. Oops.

*Insert abrupt segue back into gardening to distract from ill timing of post*

This season, I have a new favourite cherry tomato: the Sun Sugar.
My Sun Sugar tomatoes are so intensely sweet this year. So happy about this.
Also, I will never underestimate the crop production of zucchini ever again. Never. Ever.
I naïvely sowed five summer squash plants. Despite adding some to every meal for the past month, the congestion of courgettes continues on my kitchen counter. What was I thinking? I may have to finally bust out that zucchini bread recipe.

Big Sky Station Café hours:
Seven days a week 7:00am to 7:00pm

Big Sky Station Café Menu

Big Sky Station Cafe on Urbanspoon


Big Sky Husky Station and Cafe
1000 Trans Canada Highway (#97)
Savona, BC V0K 2J0
Phone: 250 373 0043

This looks awesome! I may get them to leave off the pale tomatoes and lettuce and just nosh on the bannock+chili+cheese. I checked out Google Maps to see if I could walk to Savona. It's a long frickin' way, but at least I've got until July/13 to plan it.

Great post!
ps. For all dat zucchini:

Re: Are. You. Kidding. Me - Big Sky Station Cafe

Hi A.L.
Yes, it's a bit far for a stroll...
Thank you for the link to all those recipes. I thought I took care of my excess zucchini with my bread and cake recipes, but would you believe those plants of mine are sprouting another batch? I thought they were over and done with, since the weather is cooling off dramatically lately. But I may end up using one of those recipes to deal with these unexpected late arrivals.


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