Chinamen Road - Yale, BC


This is the name of a road in Yale, BC.
It is on the north end of the town. You'll see this road sign if you are westbound on the Trans Canada Highway heading towards Yale's town centre or Hope.

Can you imagine living on this road and having to relay your address to others?
If I was the Fed Ex dude, I'd totally be judging.


Chinamen Road
Yale, BC V0K 2S0

Chinamen road

This also had a creek running along side it, I presume immigrants from asia would do the laundry in this area, and probably live there as well. Yale was once had a population of near 30,000, during gold rush. Chinamen road would have been the quickest and easiest coined phrase of the time to identify the distinct part of town. Would not be surprised to read RCMP used this term for area descriptor, in Yale's heyday.


There's a road in Raleigh called Arab Run road. There's an Arabian horse farm at the end of the road.

Still, it conjures all sorts of images, and from one side or the other, they're racially and culturally insensitive.

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