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**UPDATE JUNE 2013: This German bakery is now closed.**

Hello Lillooet. I get out to Lillooet a few times a year due to work; I’ve never added any of their eateries to Love of Eating, so I thought I’d start today. I’m here at the Lillooet Bäckerei. It’s a German Canadian bakery located on the main drag in Lillooet.

The bakery is small, but there is ample outdoor seating to the side of the building. The service today is well...stern. She reminds me of my elementary school librarian. There are no prices on any of the items and it’s scary to ask. Seriously, I’m glad the gentleman in front of me inquires about a number of the items. I listen as closely as possible, so I wouldn’t have to trouble her again. I feel like I’m in Grade Two, starting my first research assignment on Grey Wolves, and I wasn’t paying attention when Mrs. Johnson (the keeper of books) explains how to use the reference book section to the rest of the class. The lady behind the counter didn’t crack a smile or change expression the whole time! Just like Librarian Johnson. It is both mesmerizing and unnerving.

Lillooet Bakery does crank out a number of German baked treats. I choose a few for a quick snack while we enjoy the sun.

Apple Strudel

The apple strudel is thick with chunky apples and a sprinkle of golden sultanas. The cinnamon didn’t overwhelm the apples and raisins, but added a warm background spice. What I enjoy most is that the strudel is not super sweet. I can really taste the flavour of the apples and the sweetness of the fruits. It didn’t blow DL’s German pants off, but it’s pretty good.

Chocolate Banana

I just made up the name for this cookie. I have no idea what it is really called. Perhaps if she uncrossed her arms, and let down her stance a bit I would have inquired about the name. The treat is comprised of two banana shaped butter cookies with a chocolate ganache-like filling, with the ends dipped in dark chocolate. The chocolate is very good, and the cookie is crisp and buttery.


This twisted bread has a very nice chew. Soft and dense in the middle, with a bit more chew and crispiness near the slender arms. Have you ever tried making brezel at home? I’ve experimented with making various breads at home, but never ventured into playing with pretzel.

Me + caustic lye = not a good idea.


Loaded with nuts. Lillooet Bakery makes a thicker Florentine with tons of almonds. The hot sun today made this a little sticky, and messy to eat but I prevailed.

Who knew Lillooet is a busy tourist destination? Most of the people eating here today seem to be fresh off a tour bus that parked across the street. According to the signage: Elke and Axel Sterrmann have been providing Lillooet with good bread since 1986. Lillooet Bakery is cash only.
I notice a “For Sale” sign posted on the bakery wall. Is this a sign of the times? It seems almost every small town eatery I’ve visited in the past year or so, are all waiting around for a buyer.

The baked goods are respectable here at the Lillooet Bakery, but the service could be a smidge more welcoming. I did not provide you with price points this time. You can guess why. Our German bäckerei items today are enjoyable, but DL refuses to go back due to the service. So does that mean next time, I have to run in, get my pretzels, and then jump back into the vehicle? I would totally go back for a pretzel.
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Lillooet Bakery
717 Main Street
Lillooet, BC V0K 1V0
Phone: 250 256 4889


Fairly certain they are out of business now.

Re: Goners - Lillooet Bakery

Hello Anon,
I just chatted with a neighbour who drove out there to pick up bread a few weeks ago.
Yes, he drives out there to pick up bread!
Apparently, my neighbour and the owners are from the same village in Germany, but that's another story...
I should make a trip out your way to Lillooet soon.
Someone told me there's sushi out there???
Please elaborate!
Thanks for the update,


Hi Lvoers,
Dat pretzel has been haunting my dreams since reading this post last week (having trouble remembering my password to comment with openid...finally reset, hurrr). I'm seriously considering having the pretzel photo framed. Do you sell prints? ;)
Still drooling,
ps. Odd revelation: Buying stuff at this stern place would kind of be a masochistic act with pastry as reward. Kinky.


Thanks for your reviews. we are staying in Lillooet for a few weeks, and we've been enjoying reading your posts.
keep up the good work.
our parents own the sears and flower shop. next time you are in town, be sure to stop by. You'll be pleasantly suprised at THEIR amazing custmer service and willingness to help. (and their prices are posted) :)

Re: Gluten City - Lillooet Bakery

Hi Anon,
Thank you for reading Love of Eating and taking the time to comment. Your parents live in a ridiculously beautiful pocket of BC. Will you indulge in a little pretzel while you are in Lillooet?
Enjoy your visit,


OH YES! I had a few treats while there. I have a gluten allergy, so I had to hold myself back a few times. The smell in the morning put me in a trance. I enjoyed some of the local pottery that is for sale in the window. i bought those big honkin' mugs for my hubby. he likes a good BIG coffee. Can't get enough of the beauty in Lillooet. It's something that I don't wish anyone to get "used to". We are from Ontario... so this was eye candy land! We home home now, and dearly miss our fam-jam in Lillooet. Looking forward to more food blogs! (we had an AMAZING pizza while in Kamloops, we stayed at the Comfort Inn. SO GOOD (and I indulged and paid for it later)

We had the Hawaiian pizza, I can STILL taste it. LOADED AND FRESH AND PIPING HOT! I say that's your next place to review.


This pastries really look delicious! The apple strudel is mouth watering...:)

Re: Yummy Looking Pastries - Lillooet Bakery

Hi Anon,
Yes the baked goods were pretty good, but I didn't try their sandwiches. Most of the people I spied that day were having the bakery items so I went with the popular flow. Have you tried their sandwich selections?

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