Bónus Grocery Store - Reykjavík, Iceland

I’m stopping in the Bónus for some snacks, and yes, for some butter. This is Bónus. No, it's not the dollar store, Bónus is the local grocery store in Reykjavík.

Yes, their mascot is a pudgy pig that looks like it has partied way too much on all sorts of contraband. I love it. There has to be a story behind the design of this graphic, right? There has to be.

First, behold the wall of Malt Extrakt.

This is my favourite part of being in Iceland. There are actually a number of different brands of malt drinks and malt blends here. So I try one of each.


During the holiday season Iceland offers a Christmas drink called Jólaöl. It’s a mix of Egils Malt and orange soda. I don’t really drink sweet sodas, so I’m not a huge fan. Jólaöl is super popular during Christmas in Iceland.

Interestingly, Egils makes Malt og Appelsin or Malt and Orange Soda all year. But it’s packaged in less festive, yet logical, orange and brown cans.


The Coca Cola company also has a malt and orange combination. This blend is even sweeter and more soda pop like than the Egils version.


Here’s another brand of malt drink. Thinner than Maltextrakt and sweeter too.

Okay now on to the butter. Come with me into the refrigerated meat room.

There are bins and bins of vacuumed packed meats (various hams and lambs) and then it transitions into the dairy section. Damn. Look at this sight:

Racks and racks full of Smjör! I don’t even want to think about the amount of smjör I’ve ingested in the past week. I’ve been spreading this country’s butter thickly on everything, and I know my body will make me pay later, in one way or another. Not only is Icelandic butter smooth, rich and flavourful, look at how inexpensive it is for a one pound brick: 265 ISK (approx $2.03 CAD.) Such a great deal.

I’ve been thinking of ways to transport multiple bricks of this heavenly butter home. I'm not prepared to pack around several pounds of buttery goodness with me to my other destinations, so Operation: Bring Home Smjör will have to wait until my next visit.


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