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Eden Bento. Here's another little eatery that has been languishing on my list for some time. The location is once again familiar, the last time I wrote about this space it was known as Sip’s Martinis and Tapas.
Eden Bento serves up Japanese style meals-in-a-box with a side of Korean flair.

Time, or lack thereof, often dictates where and what I can eat. I need something relatively quick tonight. "Quick" as in I don’t have time to linger around three courses and drinks, but not so "quick" that I need to order through a wireless intercom system.

My plan is to grab dinner before I put my student-hat on. For the past several weeks, I’ve been busy taking a little evening course. I am learning something quite exciting. If I don’t bungle it up, I’d like to share it with you sometime at a later date. It’s no secret that I’m a bit of a hack when it comes to gardening. So I’ll quietly try this new thing out first, to see if it is possible for me, before I blab about it...and inevitably embarrass myself.

Chicken Katsu Donburi ($10.00)

After enjoying a little bibimbap over the way at Cornerstone Korean BBQ post, I still have rice bowls on the brain. Chicken donburi is a basic home-style dish. It's like the hamburger of Japanese foods.
It's hard to screw up. If your rice is good, and you have some chicken cutlet deep frying skills then it's pretty much a done deal. My roommate used to live on this stuff during my university days, so by default I ate a lot of it too.

I didn't intend to order any maki rolls. As you may have notice in my Cornerstone Sushi and Korean BBQ post I stuck with Korean fare and avoided sushi. Truth be told, I've pretty much given up on "sushi" in Kamloops after surviving some EPIC fails in this town. As noted before, sashimi in particular, seems to be difficult in Kamloops. It's been brown for me too many times and occasionally served frozen.

(I don't want to re-live those experiences but if you do, you can click here, here, and here)

Hang on, wait! There are some different options now in Kamloops. Thanks god.
I certainly don't want to miss out on the possibility that some maki makers may be good, especially since we have newer sushi serving additions to the 'Loop.
Today, I decide that it is time to dip my toes back into the Kamloops sushi water again.

BC Roll ($5.00)

I order a simple BC Roll just to check some basics. The rice in this roll today is subtly seasoned just with a twinge of vinegary tang. So glad there aren't mushy grains, or loosey-goosey roll techniques here. The salmon skin is proper salmon skin with bits of salmon here and there. For my tastes, I find the sauce a little heavy handed for such a small roll, but generally it is enjoyable.

Bento A Yakitori ($10.00)

Miso soup

The ubiquitous miso soup.


Deep fried here are some prawns, a green bean and a fat slice of yam. Yam tempura is one of our faves. So the large slice makes DL pretty content. Hot and lightly battered, yet not greasy.

Sunomono Salad

I always find sunomono salads refreshing. I also like that fact that it’s not really a “salad” at all. Eden Bento’s version is pretty simple but it does the job with a hit of sweet vinegar.

California roll

Wow, it's been ages since I've had a California roll! Isn't this the roll you make your non-sushi eating friends eat? Y'know, the folks that fear raw fish.
"Yeah, yeah. Go on eat it. There’s nothing raw in there, don’t worry."
The standard maki rolls at Eden Bento are pretty good. I wouldn't mind exploring their other sushi options in the future. Perhaps I should wade in a little deeper and visit some of other newish sushi establishments in town. Maybe give sushi and sashimi another go in Kamloops? I know a decent roll does not equal quality sashimi, but I've got to start somewhere, right?


This is basically skewered grilled meat on rice. Like the maki roll above, the kebabs are a little too saucy for me, even when eaten with the rice. In contrast, DL does not place limitations on saucy enjoyment, so I leave DL with the yakitori, while I finish the donburi.

The service today is quick, attentive and courteous. Although there is only one other party dining-in tonight, Eden Bento does brisk take away service. There is a steady stream of people stopping by to pick up their to-go orders.

I come to the bottom of my donburi, and realize I have seven minutes to get to class. No time for dessert. Not that I’m going to be late, but I prefer to get to class at least 30 minute in advance, before all the geek seats are taken. I am that person that needs to sit in the front row, due to poor eyesight and the tendency for my mind to wander. Please, I know this doesn't surprise you.

Eden Bento Café hours:
Monday to Friday 11:00am to 9:00pm
Saturday 12:00 noon to 9:00pm
Sunday closed

Eden Bento Café menu:

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Eden Bento Cafe
450 Lansdowne Street, Unit #223 (between London Drugs and Tim Horton's)
Kamloops, BC V2C 1Y3
Phone: 778 471 7072

My experience was fantastic

I took note of your post and persuaded my brother and sister to accompany me to test the cuisine here. I was a long-time resident of downtown Vancouver, with sushi bars dotting every block, and my brother lived in Japan for a few years ... and my sister is still learning how to use chopsticks. So among the three of us we had every range of experience.
The verdict was -- superb. I have to quote my brother: "This is the best Japanese food I have EVER had in Kamloops." Same for me, but I've only been here since last summer. The Alaska roll was delicious as a starter and we all decided to try the bento, since the specialty of the house is what makes or breaks the experience, right?
We were particularly impressed with the tempura. I am not a fan of heavy batter and this preparation was delightful. It was also great to get a few pieces that are not ordinarily found in bento; I have never had an onion ring prepared in Japanese style and I loved it. I could have eaten a whole order of that alone. The sunomono was delicate and not overpoweringly vinegary. I'm also not a fan of the ubiquitous California roll and it was very good. We each -- well, I'd call it "cleaned our plates" but it was a bento box, so what can I say? We finished it all. Even good hand-made salad dressing on the little bits of iceberg lettuce and shredded carrot.
As you say, the service was friendly and attentive. We were all delighted that, near the end of our meal, the proprietor came by and offered us a tasting plate of ... I'm very sorry I don't remember what he called it. It was very surprising, though. It was, as near as I can describe it, a deep-fried preparation of spinach with ... I can't tell you. But it came drizzled with a delicate orange-coloured sauce that was great, adding some heat without being overpowering, even for a diner who doesn't like spicy food.
I was a little unwilling to try the sashimi bento since it was quite pricey ($18.50, I think) but this chef has convinced me he knows exactly what he's doing and I will happily order it next time.
Highly recommended!

Re: My Experience was fantastic - Eden Bento

Hi Anon,
Thanks for sharing your experience. I will certainly try to make my way back to Eden Bento to try some other items on the sushi side of things.
Happy eating,

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