Sandrine French Pastry and Chocolate - Kelowna, BC

I hope all of you enjoyed your long weekend. Here’s a quick post while I'm in Kelowna. As everyone else is in a breakfast meeting this A.M., I sneak over to Sandrine French Pastry and Chocolate for a quick coffee and some morning snacks. Shhh, I’ll be back before anyone notices.

La Boulangerie Sandrine is located in a strip mall on the corner of Harvey Avenue and Dilworth Drive.

Chocolatine ($2.75)

Flakey and buttery, with some chunks of dark chocolate hiding inside. I really like pain au chocolat in the morning because it’s mostly pastry with just a hint of semi sweet chocolate.

Lemon Croissant ($2.85)

The bottom part of this pastry is a little on the bread-y side but the top is flakey and light. Most importantly for me is that the curd is satisfyingly tart!

Apricot Croissant ($2.85)

Looks like sunny side up egg yolks, no? This is the sweetest selection of the morning with the apricot halves on a thin bed of custardy goodness. My neighbour has an apricot tree. I don’t think she pruned it for this season, and it is enormous. I can’t image how she maintains this stone fruit behemoth. I love trees that produce edibles, but I dread cleaning up all the spent fruit that has dropped to the ground at the end of the summer.

I stealthily make it back to my seat with coffee in-hand. The actual meeting hasn’t technically begun yet. Phew! Meeting-mates are still finishing their omelettes and fruit cups...but I have buttery croissants.

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Sandrine French Pastry and Chocolate
1865 Dilworth Drive (unit 102A)
Kelowna, BC V1Y9T1
Phone: 250 860 1202

your neighbour's apricot tree ....

good on you for making the most of your "important" mtg time ---- if your neighbour's apricot tree is a heritage type (may be if it is so big) ... be happy! go and help with the tending and harvest. Is it a Tilton? Then be extra happy. Chutney, jam, tarts, etc. Enjoy. ps - look up the old recipes from the research station in Summerland.

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