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This summer we hopped in our vehicle and did a driving holiday into the Kootneys. Along the way we stopped for lunch in Canada's smallest city: Greenwood,BC. I had not planned on blogging about any of our meals but this was one of the two I wanted to share.

We had been driving for about 8 hours, and the growlies were ever present. Greenwood was a logical stop. One of us had suggested a narly lookin' DDE just before coming into Greenwood proper, it was called the Anaconda Cafe. Yeah, I'm all for trying DDEs but this was my vacation and I didn't plan on blogging; so I opted to chance that better grub could be had in the "city centre." The community has made efforts to perserve the look of the gold rush era in Greenwood, and it makes touristy types (like moi on this day) stop and at the very least take a stroll around town.

Bread basket

From the colour on the loaf it seemed almost not baked, like one of those U-bake products from the grocery store. But actually the bread was warm, chewy and didn't need butter. So good. Just not the typical crusty loaf that we often get. All the bread is made in-house.

Apologies but I can't for the life of me remember what the menu names of the sandwiches were. So I made up some sad names that I hope may, at least, describe them.

Omelette Sandwich ($10.48)

This sammie did have a fancy name and I know "omelette sandwich" does not do it justice. It consisted of a moist egg omelette filled with bell peppers, tomatoes, cheese and topped off with a slice of salami. The omelette is hearty enough that it could have been eaten on its own.
The focaccia was amazingness. So soft, fluffy, herby and easily squished down to cram in my mouth. The beefeater style fries were screaming hot from the fryer, crispy but not greasy. I love potatoes in any form.

Chicken Sandwich ($8.37)

This sandwich was teeming with mushrooms, tomatoes, cheese and chicken. The grilled chicken was moist and plentiful. The surrounding vegetable were crisp and tasted super fresh. Again, what took this sandwich from good to great was the homemade focaccia.

As you can see the Pacific Grill serves a generous lunch. Methinks this blog entry was driven more by the focaccia than the food in general. I have a soft spot for any restaurant that makes an effort to create basics (like bread) from scratch on a regular basis. The Pacific Grill had me at bread basket. I would drop by again if I was cruising through Canada's smallest city again.

Okay, I know I had set aside this blog to focus on eating found in Kamloops and the surrounding areas, however I will toss in others from time to time to keep it interesting. This, and the fact that I eat a lot of different foods in a lot of different places and it's a shame to not include those once in a while.

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Pacific Grill
309 S. Copper Avenue (Crownset Highway Route #3)
Greenwood, BC V0H 1J0
Phone: 250 445 6506

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You made the right choice ...the Anaconda's food made my wife and I SICK for several days .

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