D Dutchmen Dairy - Sicamous, BC

Happy summer solstice!
In the past two weeks, I’ve been travelling to Vancouver and back so many times that my only memories from the last 14 days are stretches of highway and tail lights. Sad, but true.
I need to refresh the fridge with some random dairy products. I found this cream at Nature’s Fare the other day. Are you familiar with D Dutchmen Dairy? It’s new to me.

D Dutchmen Dairy is located in Sicamous. I thought I had driven through Sicamous before, but apparently not. I’m confusing Salmon Arm with Sicamous. Rookie mistake. Obviously I still need to do some more exploring around these here parts. That’s what the summer is for.

D Dutchmen table cream is on the lighter side at 10% milk fat. My current table cream is 18%. D Dutchmen table cream pours more like half-and-half. The dairy still does a fine job in mash potatoes and coffee.
Speaking of summer solstice, where is the summer weather lately? The rain seems to make my plants happy, but I’m waiting for the long hot days and short warm nights.

Although I love me some local Blackwell Dairy products, it’s nice to know there’s also another dairy choice that originates not too far from here. Did you know you can visit the D Dutchmen Dairy farm too? They make their own ice cream and cheese. In addition, D Dutchmen Dairy runs an ice cream stand from their farm location in Sicamous!
I have already convinced myself that I need to stop in for a scoop or two during a summer road trip.

D Dutchmen Dairy website click here

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D Dutchmen Dairy
1321 Maeir Road
Sicamous, BC V0E 2V0
Phone: 250 836 4304

So good

D Dutchman is the best! Definitely stop there if you get a chance....their ice cream is to die for. They also have great prices on awesome cheese, milk and other dairy products, along with some farm baking (pies, etc). Plus, they have farm tours.

I can't believe you forgot to mention what I think is the best part....glass bottles!!! All of their milk products come in glass bottles, which is not only good for the environment, but in my opinion, the milk tastes better. Less plasticky. There is $1.50 deposit so you do have to take them back to a location where they are sold, but it works well if you keep buying it.

Re: So Good - D Dutchmen Dairy

Howdy Anon,
Thanks for confirming the rumours of their tasty ice cream.
I'm so stoked now for a little road trip out there. I hope I'm not hyping it up in my head too much.

LOL. Yes, you are right the glass bottles are lovely. Shame on me for taking glass bottles for granted. After being a loyal Avalon Dairy customer on the coast, and getting a little used to glass, I didn't think to mention it. However will say, when I bought milk, cream and chocolate milk at the same time in glass I needed some pretty strong guns to hold onto my grocery bin!
Thanks for taking the time to comment,

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