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Just a quick gardening post I’d like to share with you.
I’ve been farting around in the yard for the past two weeks, impatiently waiting for things to look alive. I noticed earlier today that my Haskap berry plants survived my neglect last year, and are blossoming.

Yellow and fuzzy.
Haskap berries also go by the name honey berries or blue honeysuckle. My Haskap bushes are small and twiggy but seem to be filling out quite nicely in the past few weeks.

I’m pretty excited to see if any blue tart fruits will pop up from my Haskap bushes later this summer. I’ll keep y’all posted.


I've never heard of this plant before, but after looking it up, it sounds tasty. Where did you find such a plant to grow in your garden?

Re: Haskap

Hi Mike,
Surprisingly, Haskap plants are not that hard to find. I've seen them at Superstore, Artknapp, and the Irly Bird hardware store (that's where I got my last one...)

I often see them on clearance....however, you will need a pollinator plant that matches the blooming season of your cultivar plant. (I know, that's a little annoying..but what can y'do?)

The big box places will sell the popular cultivar plants (Tundra and Borealis) usually for cheap, but to find a pollinizer/pollinator variety with the corresponding bloom time you will likely need to go to a proper gardening place. I knew the cultivar plants would be easy to find, so I started with locating and purchasing pollinator plants that will work with either Tundra or Borealis, and then picked up the cultivars late in the season when they went on deep discount. (I'm cheap like that...)

Haskap appealed to me because they seem very hardy and can likely survive my non existent gardening skills.

My plants have grown quite a bit just in the last few days, so I might have to roll out an update sooner than I thought. :)

Good luck with your garden this season,

Re: Haskap

Thanks for the info. I'm surprised I've never noticed these before. Maybe I just never cared because I didn't realize they grew edible berries.

Perhaps I'll try at some point.

Good luck to you as well.


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