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Before my class started, I needed a snack. Taka was relatively close so I swung in. I was looking for slinkys* at the various dollar stores around town, and spotted Taka tucked in the corner of the Columbia Place Shopping Centre. For easier reference this is the same complex that has the Save On Foods and Signature BC Liquor Store.
*I toiled over the pluralization of slinky. The i-e-s ending just didn't look right.

Toro nigiri ($2.45 each)

Not bad, I've had fattier tuna belly but it was alright.

Ikura nigiri ($2.75 each)

Ikura is one of my favourites and its decent here at Taka. A bit scant on the salmon roe however. Sure the cucumber slices make it pretty, but it's taking up real estate on the nigiri that could be used to house more ikura!

Tuna and salmon sashimi ($13.95) *Sockeye was not available at Taka.

This was a complete fail for a few reasons.
1. When the server brought the dish to us she says, "uh, the salmon was just taken out of the freezer, so it's still frozen...just eat the other stuff first and then eat the sashimi" WHAHHH??? You want me to wait for it to thaw out? Sure most sashimi seafood is frozen at sea at x temperature for x amount of time, but it sure as hells is not served frozen. If it's not ready to serve, then don't serve it. It's really just that simple. I was completely taken aback by this. This would be the equivalent of a server saying, "Uh, here's your clam chowder, its cold but it might warm up while it sits on the table, just eat your oyster crackers while you wait for the soup to warm."
Very. Poor. Form.
2. Okay, so I take it to go and I wait it out. (Yes, of course I did. I had to, at least, try it.) Both the tuna and the spring salmon tasted "watery.” Very far from melt-in-my-mouth with regards to texture. Finally, there was no tuna or salmon "flavour" to the slices. Spring salmon sashimi has a more delicate taste than say sockeye, but the flavour here was seriously non existent. In a word: blech.

Ebi nigiri ($2.25)

I meant to order ama ebi (sweet prawn) nigiri. I'm not sure why I ordered this, as I never order ebi. However, the prawns were nicely done without being rubbery.

Chopped Scallop Roll ($4.50)

Standard chopped scallop roll. The roll held together firmly and the rice in general was sufficiently seasoned and exhibited good texture with separate but sticky grains.

Caterpor Roll ($8.50)

Tee hee, I'm assuming Taka meant to spell this as a "Caterpillar Roll" on the menu. It's basically a bbq eel roll with avocado wrapped around the top with a handful of salmon roe placed on as detail. This was a fun roll. We both enjoyed it. It had a bit of sweetness to it due to a drizzle of honey as garnish. I often order unagi rolls when snacking on sushi (and it's an easy one to make at home.) I relished the added smoothness to the roll by way of the ripe avocado. Nice.

My pre-class snack came to a total of $49.95

Taka is a Korean run restaurant serving Japanese cuisine. There are hints of the Korean-ness as you can order bibimbap too on the menu. I notice that recently they were still looking for a "full-time ethnic Korean chef," and referred to themselves as Taka Japanese and Korean Restaurant. I suspect they may be moving towards a combination-focus of Japanese and Korean selections. Who knows?

There are other places in Kamloops where you can get a maki roll or two. I would be inclined to check the other places out before considering a repeat visit here. Although the rolls are adequate at Taka, the gelid sashimi incident was a deal breaker. Disgraceful.
If they thought it was acceptable to serve that to customers (and instruct them to wait for it to thaw! WTF?) it makes me wonder just how low their quality bar really is? Do I want to find out? I'd rather take my dining dollar elsewhere.
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Taka Japanese and Korean Restaurant
#270-1210 Summit Drive
Kamloops, BC V2C 6M1
Phone: 250 828 0806

Felt Sick

My daughter and I just returned from Taka and after eating the Tempura Combo and the Rocky Mountain roll, felt nauseated and dizzy. I think they put MSG in everything because an hour later my arms were actually tingling. They didn't even bother to ask if we would like MSG in the food. The tea didn't even taste like Japanese tea. It was watery and flavour-less. I won't be going back.

By far the sushi tastes fresher and Sanbiki.


Hello, I'm not sure how you would decide that there is MSG in sushi, as there is NEVER MSG in ANY sushi!
You must have been mistaken for something else you've eaten earlier in the day.

Korean-run or Chinese-run Japanese restaurant? No thanks.

In BC, there are many "Japanese" restaurants run by Koreans or Chinese. They are never very good. No offense to anyone, but in general, Chinese and Koreans do not seem to understand the nuance and painstaking effort that goes into Japanese cooking. I'm not saying Korean and Chinese cooking is bad - it's not - but it is definitely not Japanese.

If you want good Japanese in Kamloops, go to Sanbiki. It can be a little pricey (outside of lunch) but the chef/owner is from Osaka and is a very good chef indeed.

At Taka, Oya, and Arigato Sushi, the cooking is frequently oily and heavy, not like Japanese-style cooking at all. The rice used in their sushi is frequently dry and/or tasteless as well. Rice is paramount in Japanese cooking, and if a chef doesn't care about that, then essentially they care about nothing.

Re: Non Japanese made Sushi

Hi Anon,
I totally understand where you're coming from. Afterall, I'm such a Judgy McJudgerson about everything.

I will admit, I do raise an eyebrow when I go to a sushi place and the chef behind the counter is not Japanese. Same goes for ramen places. I try to keep an open mind about these things. As long as the food is decent I don't mind too much.
Korea has quite a bit of history with Japan, so I'm inclined to think there could be some possibilities...

I have been to Sanbiki a number of times since being out here; mostly for dinners. It wasn't mind blowing, but definitely better than Taka. I guess I should include them on Love of Eating one day.

Taka Sushi - about the non-japanese

about the non-japanese cooking japanese cuisine and it not being "authentic" or high quality.

first of all, are there a lot of non-italians cooking high quality italian cuisine and non-frenchmans mastering french cuisine and non-asians making incredible asian food. come on people! let's get past all the pseudo-authentic markers that makes good food.

now i haven't eaten at this establishment but please let's keep the reviews on the quality of the food itself and spare us the ethnic commentary.


Re: Taka Sushi - non Japanese

Hi Anon,
I totally agree. If the food is good; does it really matter who's making it?

However, it is a valid piece of the conversation pie, as it is just another piece of information in describing a restaurant. Some people may want to know this information. Some may not care.

Thanks for taking the time to comment.


I really love your blog. I live in Kamloops and I'm always trying to find some good food here. I had take for the first time last week and it was dissapointing. I dont know much about Japanese but the tuna rolls had some tough parts and the California Rolls had too much mayo. I really prefer Oya (still on Summit Dr), the prices are pretty much the same and the food tastes freshier.

Keep reviews coming!

Taka Sushi

Great to have you here Tatiana! The only other Japanese restaurant in Kamloops I've visited is Sanbiki downtown. I haven't made it to Oya yet but I'm sure it's just a matter of time. I used to eat sushi a lot. Ridiculous amounts. Made it at home too, a lot. I've cut back quite a bit now, but I still enjoy going out for harder-to-make-at-home-type rolls here and there. :)

Need a Korean Restaurant in Kamloops

Taka, OYA and J&K Sushi are all operated by Koreans but their menu content is mostly Japanese food. I hope one day, we will see a Korean Restaurant open up in Kamloops.

I just came across your website today and I have to say that I am impressed. I am a big fan of chowtimes.com and Now I can read a local food blog as well.

Taka Sushi - Korean Restaurant

Thanks for visiting! Don'tcha just love Ben and Suanne? I will tell you this right now; I will never be as prolific of a poster as they are! I don't know how they find the time!!
Are you thinking K BBQ? Is Kamloops ready to have open flame grills at the tables? ;)

Hey what are peoples opinions on this DDE -looking place I see on Tranquille Road...I think it's called Arigato Sushi. I past by it on days I finish perusing the fine products at the "craziest place in town."

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