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We ended up at the Hoodoos Bar and Grill after a drive down Victoria Street for food. Wow, Kamloops is a bit of a ghost town on Sundays, non? We drove down Victoria Street and it was deserted. Hey did you know there was another location of Chilli King downtown? I don't recall ever seeing it there before.

Today, I wanted to go somewhere I haven't been before; in addition the place needed to be open by 12:30. It was slim pickins’. I was saving my first Hoodoos visit for a future brunch, but on this early Sunday afternoon Hoodoos fit my criteria.

The Hoodoos Bar and Grill is located in the clubhouse of the Sun Rivers Golf Resort. It has a large patio with sweeping views of the mountains. The dining room has huge windows to let in all the natural light. It is really quite a lovely casual space.

Prosciutto Asparagus Roll ($11.50)

The balsamic aroma beckoned; I could smell it wafting up as the pretty plate rested on the table. The two asparagus spears were tender yet still maintained a snap. The saltiness of the ham complimented the tangy smooth goat cheese very yummily (that's right, I just made that term up.) It was a large serving of cheese. I'm glad we shared this appetizer, as I couldn't imagine eating that little wheel of cheese on my own. Loved the panko crust.

Grilled Chicken Stack Sandwich ($13.25)

The chicken breast was so crazy tender and juicy! Almost eerily so. The poultry is locally sourced and the salad veggies came from the Kamloops farmers market. The salad was fresh and had a good assortment of local veggies. The tangy house dressing is a fruity strawberry peppercorn. The sandwich was packed with cucumbers, avocado, tomato, radish sprouts, lettuce and a schmear of grainy mustard. The cukes were annoyingly very thick cut, so they just slipped out onto the plate as I brought the sandwich up to my mouth. Our server, Crystal, shared that she's thinks the bread comes from the Bohemia Bakery since that's where their cakes come from.

Traditional French Canadian Tourtière ($13.95)


Mmmmm...meat pie. The potato pastry was flakey tender on the sides and bottom, but it was a tad thick and hard on top. When I went at it with my fork it just schmooshed the meaty filling out the bottom. The ground beef was mild in herbs and spices; in fact the pie was mild all around. The mildness of the tourtière paired nicely with the quick fire spice of the minestrone. Meat pie,... such a comfort food.

Spicy Minestrone Soup

This minestrone had a nice little kick to it. There's a bit of spice initially but it doesn't linger. The vegetables were abundant and the flavour of the broth was robust. The penne got a little mushy at the bottom. DL commented that it tasted like, "pizza in a bowl." We both enjoyed the soup. The minestrone alone would've made a nice light lunch.

The portions at the Hoodoos Bar and Grill are pretty generous. I mean look at the size of that pie. The view is beautiful and the environment is quiet and cozy. I imagine the patio during sunny days is popular. The value is on par with similar restaurants in Kamloops; the above meal came to $49.50 (this includes and ice tea, and hot tea.)
I know I will be back here to try their brunch, but now that I've experienced their lunch I may come back for afternoon fare as well.

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Hoodoos Bar and Grill at Sun Rivers Golf Resort
1000 Clubhouse Drive
Kamloops, BC V2H 1T9
Phone: 250 828 9404
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