Donut King and Coffee - Kamloops, BC

I wanted to come here for two reasons:
1) I love the story that comes with the Donut King. Kamloopsian created by a former Tim Hortons franchisee that wanted to go fresh instead of frozen. He’s opened a few more locations since then, so I guess business is good. It’s nice to see locals supporting locals.

2) I love their TV advert: "Come in for our fresh made doughnuts and Vietnamese salad rolls!" Totally random, no? Any place that can throw down doughnuts and rice noodle salad rolls with peanut sauce has got to be worth checking out. (It reminds me of Duffin's Donuts in Vancouver. Duffin’s does doughnuts, tortas and Chinese food. As you do...)

Who comes to Donut King and doesn’t order doughnuts??? Over here...yeah, that would be me this morning.

Ham and Egg Croissant ($2.99)

The fresh croissant is soft and buttery. The eggs are real here, but cooked in the microwave, so they have that weird poufy texture. The eggs retained some moisture, so it was still okay. Some standard ham and a slather of mayo completes this simple morning sandwich.

Bacon and Egg Bagel ($2.99)

This has the same fillings as above, but with bacon as the meat and a bagel as the bread. I had this with an “Everything” bagel which has onions and poppy seeds on it. If I were to have it again I would choose a plain bagel. The oniony aroma and flavour seemes to compete too much with the eggs and bacon.

I enjoyed my hand held breakfast here more than the selections I’ve had at Tim Horton’s. The breads are definitely fresher. Donut King edges out Timmy’s in the freshness department as everything is baked on sight at Donut King each day. His majesty has 3 locations in Kamloops, and at each of those locations there is conveniently a T Ho’s nearby. I like the local connections Donut King has, and if the two doughnut diners are near each other, I’d choose the King.
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Donut King and Coffee
1200 Summit Drive
Kamloops, BC V2C 6L2
Phone: 250 314 6818

Summit drive Donut King

I drive by the Summit Drive location on a daily basis... multiple times on some days. It appears to me that they open and close whenever they feel like it. Sometimes, they are open at 6pm on a friday night and on another friday night, they are closed. Their random hours of operation also happens in the morning. I'm not sure if it is a staffing issue at this location.

As for their donuts, I agree... taste fresher and better than Tim Horton's. I didn't realize they have Vietnamese salad rolls on their menu. I will have to stop by sometime to try it out... I just hope they are open when I drive by next time :)

Donut King - sketchy hours

"It appears to me that they open and close whenever they feel like it."

Bwahahaha...This is why I love privately owned businesses!
Have you ever gone to the Little Photo Shop on Third Street? It has a business hours sign that makes me giggle everytime.

(Unfortunately the Little Photo Shop is closed indefinately at this time. Please get well soon Wilf!)

5:55pm Thursday drive home

5:55pm Thursday drive home and guess what? Donut King Summit Drive was CLOSED again. :)

Donut King - 5:55pm Thursday drive home

I know I shouldn't be laughing...but I am...hard.

I thought you might want a

I thought you might want a friday drive home report - Donut King Summit drive was actually open at 6pm :)

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