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Hu Ahyi Bubble Tea Place is a Taiwanese style café. Is this the place that used to be inside Superstore? I’ve been there in the past, but I’ve never bothered to take note of the name. The furnishings look very similar. It’s a DDE home-style eatery.

I can’t emphasize home-style enough. Not just the food but the space. When you enter, it’s a bit like Eric Forman’s basement. There’s a mish-mash of tables and chairs. Some pieces look like they’re left overs from expired dinette sets, some from office surplus sales, and some of the chairs are from a Grade 4 classroom circa 1984. Random items are in every nook and cranny. Bead curtains galore! I secretly love bead curtains…

Braised Pork with Bamboo Shoots on Rice ($6.95)

This pork is everything I want in a braised meat: tendony, meaty and fatty. The porky goodness easily falls apart with a little nudge from my fork. Strong flavours of soy throughout. The meat must have been pressure cooked or braised for a hella long time, because the bones are soft enough to bite through. How do bones become like this? Bamboo shoots added a slight crunch. Super.

Stewed Beef on Rice ($6.95)

Beef here is crazy tender. We had the option of making this spicy. DL went for spicy. The flavours are rich and beefy, with a progressive heat from the chilies. The dish is rounded off with some Chinese greens. Another very good home-style plate.

Bubble Teas

Coconut and Pudding Milk Tea with Coconut Jelly ($3.25 add jelly $0.50)
Their bubble tea is sweeter than I like. Hu Ahyi uses powder flavours in this milk tea and not fresh flavours. So there’s that. I like to order pudding specifically for the added texture. This may be an acquired thing, as having pudding in a drink feels like sucking up chunks of jello through a straw. I love pudding in my milk tea drinks, but it’s useless if they are using powders. It just had some aroma of vanilla pudding from the powder flavouring; there wasn’t much of a coconutty taste either. The additional coconut jelly I ordered was sweet and chewy. Considering they don’t really have competition for bubble tea around here I guess Hu Ahyi can coast along with what they have...

Yuen Yeung or CoffTea with pearl ($3.50 add pearl $0.50)
If you’re not familiar with this drink, it’s basically coffee and milk tea blended together. DL added tapioca pearls to the drink. The pearls are surprisingly well made. Soft and chewy with a little bounce in your mouth. The cofftea here is just as good as ones I’ve had elsewhere. Thumbs up to Hu Ahyi for getting the pearls right. It’s not that easy to get consistently good pearls at many bubble tea joints.

Yes, you may raise an eyebrow when you first walk in. Yes, it looks like you just walked into your batty aunt's kitchen...but Hu Ahyi Bubble Tea Place is an example where a DDE can serve some super decent eats for cheap.

It took every ounce of self control in me not to part the sunflower motif bead curtains with my arms extended; walk through with an air of grandeur and throw my arms up with a quick flick of my wrists à la Mrs. Roper.
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Hu Ahyi Bubble Tea Place
Unit 106 - 910 Columbia Street
Kamloops, BC V2C 1L2
Phone: 250 574 3618

Poor Customer Service on Multiple Occasions

I visited this restaurant with the excitement of experiencing a bubble tea just like my friends shop in Vancouver.

On my first visit, the owner was very mean and yelled at my wife when she asked if the bubble tea was made with real fruit. The bubble tea was terrible, not smooth but chunky and incorrect.

We revisited again, thinking the owner was just having a bad day from our first visit. There were Asian customers whom she treated nicely, once we got to the till and I started normal conversation I was treated differently, I then knew it was a racial issue towards me. The owner was again very short and started yelling when I asked about how they make the bubble tea.

I don't think this is a good place to experience Asian culture in Kamloops. They only reason people go here is because there is nothing else available.

Re: Poor Customer Service - Hu Ahyi Bubble Tea

Hi Anon,
Dang, that's too bad about your experience. The service doesn't bother me though. In fact, my favourite BBT server in Vancouver gives the most short/curt service ever.
And I love the hilarity of it. LOL!

The food was pretty home-style yummy when I went last, so I imagine that's why Hu Ahyi continues to be a pretty popular spot, especially with the TRU crew.
Yes, I agree the bubble tea can use some work.

Thanks for taking the time to comment. I feel like a BBT,

Yes it was

Yes, this is the place that was inside Superstore for a couple of years. Same decor then. Loved the fake flowers and bead curtains everywhere. Theresa is a lovely lady who treats everyone like family!

Hu Ahyi

Hi Anon,
Thanks for the confirmation. I assumed it was the same place since it had similar food, furnishings and feel. I never noticed any overt signage at the old location though to confirm my suspicions. :)

This place has really good HK

This place has really good HK style Milk Tea. At least I'll know where to get my dose of BBT when I relocate to Kamloops for my job. Having been spoiled in Vancouver with their bbt (DragonBall, Bubbleworld etc), I'm glad I'll have a place to drink BBT.

Cool site btw, very interesting and informative!

Dragon Ball > Hu Ahyi

Hi Anon,
Firstly, thank you for taking the time to chime in...

Whoa, back up the bus! Dragon Ball has been my go-to place for BBT since my days at Uni...but I hesitate to compare Hu Ahyi with Dragon Ball. Snoopy apron wearing Raymond at DB is in a league of his own in terms of always having consistently excellent pearls and a good assortment of real fruit BBTs. (We'll discuss establishment hygiene another time...)

Great to have you aboard! Hope to hear more from you when you relocate to the 'Loop.

Yeah, I hate to say it but

Yeah, I hate to say it but DragonBall is indeed in their own little league. I just wonder how they made their pearl so good!!! I used to drive all the way from Burnaby just to enjoy their BBT.

It's really interesting how I stumble into Hu Ahyi when I was looking for housing in Kamloops. That place might be the go to place when I 'm done work since I probably have nothing to do afterwards! haha

this is in kamloops?

love the mrs. roper reference!

Hu Ahyi in Kamloops?

Hello...Anon :)
Yes it is in Kamloops. It is on the backside of the Superstore. Kinda across from the Wendys. I think it used to be the same cafe that was INSIDE Superstore (next to the insurance place) for a number of years.

very good review

I too enjoyed eating here. The lady that worked there was very friendly and nice. It seems she treated all her customers as family... she even gave my toddler a couple of boxes of chocolates and even reminded her to brush her teeth after. :)

I want to go back to try the braised pork ribs on rice. Wish we had more of these restaurants in Kamloops....

Hu Ahyi

Thanks you for the kind words! I too can see myself going back to try the pork hocks!

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