Mervo's Coffee Shop - Kamloops, BC

Mervo’s. I dig the name, don’t you? I wanted to come here because it looked SO old school. The menu is small, but crazy. From pancakes and sandwiches to perogies and pad thai??

Pancakes and Coffee ($4.09) with a side of sausages ($1.70)

The food came out very quickly. I suspect that there may be some pre cooking of the proteins here, but that’s just a guess. The pancakes are crumbly and a little dry. Admittedly, I am not much of a pancake person but I could only eat one of these. They didn’t hold together well. The sausages have a pretty thick skin and innards are a tad dehydrated.

Bacon and Eggs with Hashbrowns and coffee ($5.91)

I had mentioned back in my Bear’s Claw post that I have not encountered frozen McCain hash browns for some time. I had spoken too soon. The diced hash browns are a bit overdone, as they shriveled to the size of lentils and are dry. Super crispy bacon, if you like the stiff kind. Eggs are decent. The one thing that stood out was the toast. The slices matched. They weren't just 4 random pre toasted half slices placed on the platter. This is a small detail that I tend to notice. The toast is big, thick, and held up to the spread. The jam is weird. The only option is strawberry and it’s runny. Runny, like salad dressing. The preserve is served in a little metal condiment container on the side. Odd.

Très DDE.

I noticed in Kamloops there is also a Mervo's Pizza listed? Does this place still exist? Are the coffee shop and pizza place connected by a common Mervo? I can't imagine Mervo being a common moniker.

Mervo’s service is fast and friendly. The prices are unquestionably cheap. The two meals above came to $13.10, and both dishes came with a beverage. You can easily fill your belly with just a few twoonies at Mervo's, but the breakfast food needs a bit of work.
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Mervo's Coffee Shop
289 Tranquille Road
Kamloops, BC V2B 3G2
Phone: 250 554 4234


Yes, he owns the pizza place in Westside as well and I've heard it's pretty good. The diners lunch items are better than the breakfast for sure..But for $5 including coffee what the heck, aint' any worst than my cooking and I don't have to clean it up!.
I have noticed there is alot of street people type cliental, given the location and low prices.
Mervs a shy but friendly guy, that provides and decent meal for all, at a REALLY cheap price. If you want 4 star, best look elsewhere imo...

Re: Mervo's

Hi Anon,
Yes it's crazy cheap! Mervo's must have a loyal clientele because the last time I went by the parking lot looked very busy.

Mervo's Could be HOT

It needs some funky-ness. Maybe paint the outside of the building.
Could be cool. Where are the groovy cool people when you need
a restaurant makeover.

Re: Mervo's Could be HOT

Hi Anon,

Yes, esthetically, Mervo's is merely tepid now. But the old-corner-diner-look is partly the reason why I wanted to go there. I love that sense of not knowing what I'll encounter in old DDEs. Exciting!

Too Bad

I've been wondering about this place since I moved here a few years ago as it had a certain look that was appealing. But after your review, I likely won't be checking it out. Dried out pancakes and sausages are pretty big strikes against.

I also am a fan of the fresh cut potatoes and have been impressed by the two places you recently reviewed that are serving these where you wouldn't necessarily expect. Hopefully a developing trend.

Re: Too Bad

Hi Anon,
Please don't let my breakfast experience stop you from checking it out. They do serve more than just breakfast. And who knows, maybe they bust out a rockin' Pad Thai?

Mervo's looks like it's been around for ages, so I wonder if any hard core Kamloopsians have had a different experience than mine??

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