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During my travels, there are two Husky Gas Stations that I tend to fuel-up at. One is in Chilliwack and the other is located in Cache Creek. Both these stations have a Husky House Restaurant attached to them. After filling up for $1.45 per litre (gah!) for 91 octane in Cache Creek, we traipsed in for some gas station DDE eats.

It’s a truck stop. Or if you like the current euphemisms, it’s a Travel Centre. As I pulled into the gas station, there is a super hard working employee sweeping the entire parking lot. It’s a huge lot. I’m surprise there is only one person sweeping it; the old fashioned way.

The Husky House Restaurant in Cache Creek is a smidge more modern than the other Husky diners I’ve peeked into elsewhere. The space is clean. The high ceilings and wall of windows make the dining area bright and airy. My olfactory senses also notice the ventilation is very good in here too. It smells clean.

King of the Road Burger ($11.49)

A true monster of a burger. The two thick patties are glistening with juices, and they have that just-off-the-grill feel to it. The meat didn’t taste overtly “meaty” but it still had that flamed-grilled-summertime taste to it. The fried egg. How can a soft yolked fried egg be wrong? It’s only the greatest accompaniment to any meal, ever! The King of the Road is totally decent for a gas station burger.
The fries are basic McCain-type crinkle fries. I haven’t had crinkle fries for eons. Do you remember that 80's McCains commercial, “The strong silent type?” That’s what plays in my brain every time I see crinkle-cut spuds.

Spicy Crispy Chicken Burger with soup ($9.49)

The chicken breast is indeed crispy with a little peppery kick to it. Sorta like a Doritos kick. The bun is a little big for the chicken, but the bread is not as disproportionate as some other burger places in Cache Creek.

Cream of Mushroom Soup

There is a choice of sides: soup, fries, or onion rings. After confirming the soup is home-made I went with the Cream of Mushroom. It’s alright. It tastes somewhat like canned but with chunkier mushrooms and minced onions. In between bites and conversation, I peek out the window and all I see are elbows pushing the bristled broom with determination. He hasn’t stopped sweeping since before we pulled into the lot.

Apple Crisp ($3.99)

The Husky House apple crisp is served hot with cold vanilla ice cream. I didn’t expect to, but I really enjoy this sweet ending. It’s a standard apple crisp but it wasn’t sickly sweet and the apples still had a bit of firmness to them. The portion is large enough to share after a filling meal.

What truly stood out today at the Husky House Restaurant, is the service. Our server today is fantastic. She is so thorough, so friendly and easy going. I wouldn’t hesitate with dropping-in again based on service alone.
The food is straight-up diner food. I know we had some pretty basic entrees, but it’s good if you’re hungry and need a break from the road. And y’all know how much I love easy accessible parking. Whether you’re driving a coupe or a semi, there’s always parking at a Gas Station Travel Centre. I had no idea just how large the Husky Gas Station property is, until I caught a glimpse of the truck parking behind the restaurant. And it’s clean, of course it’s clean, because that guy with the broom was still sweeping when I left the restaurant! Who is this employee of the week?
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Husky House Restaurant
959 Trans Canada Highway
Cache Creek, BC V0K 1H0
Phone: 250 457 9312

I know it doesn't relate to

I know it doesn't relate to this post; however, I just find it amusing how much food you can eat!! There is always appetizers, main course, dessert AND a drink. Not to mention these portions look pretty big too!!

Anyways, nice post! :) I have more appreciation for gas station restaurants now!


Re: Doesn't Relate - Husky House

Hi Katz,
Please note there were two people at this meal. I want to make it clear that I did not eat two burgers in one sitting! LOL. Often what I do is I split each dish so I will end of eating 50% of my own dish and 50% of the other plate.

I love variety. So if I'm at a proper restaurant I like to nibble on a selection of things, hence my greedy need to have multiple courses. And if the kitchen sends out an amuse-bouche, well then, that just makes me giddy.

This is one of the reasons why I like restaurants that have good food, but small portions. It's nice to eat a number of things and not have to roll myself out the front door after dinner. Although, the latter is a common scenario too. :)
Happy eating!

Better Looking Than Expected

That actually doesn't sound or look half bad. I had pretty much sworn off eating at Husky restaurants for the past several years for the same reason that I would never intentionally eat at Ricky's. But that burger actually looks fairly decent (don't know if I could do egg on a burger though) and definitely in the same caliber as many of the burgers I've eaten at out of the way pubs over the years and the homemade soup sounds like a nice touch, even if it wasn't the greatest.

I may check that out the next time I'm looking for pub/diner food in the Ashcroft/Cache Creek area and Chris' Under the Bridge kitchen isn't open, as the atmosphere of the Husky could never compare with the frozen-in-time experience of the pub at The Ashcroft River Inn and I'm not the biggest fan of the crinkle fries. Nice reference on the McCain ad though. I do remember those.

Re: Better Looking Than Expected - Husky House

Hi Mike,
I was surprised too! For the longest time I thought Husky House diners were just mom and pop eateries that happened to be attached to a gas station. I didn't know that they all have a standard menu like any other franchise. So in that respect, it is much like a Ricky's. The Husky's coffee is a bit weak, but the food is not bad at the Cache Creek location.

Ah yes, the saddle stools at Chris’ Under the Bridge are in a time warp of their own!

Have you tried the Central Café in Ashcroft? I know they tweaked their menu a bit since the last time I ate there, but they make homestyle foods with whole ingredients. Their hours are limited though, they are open only for dinner, Tuesdays to Sunday.
Happy eating!

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