Hot House Bistro - Kamloops, BC

**UPDATE Sept 2013: The folks behind Hot House Bistro have now closed its doors. However, they also opened the Smokin' Duck Eatery at the Pond Country Market.**

Egils Maltextrakt and the Search for Malt Beverages in Kamloops, BC

Fun fact: did you know beer was banned in Iceland until 1989? During Iceland’s prohibition era some non alcoholic or low alcohol beer-like beverages became common in Iceland. Some of those virgin libations are still popular today. One of them is my current obsession: Egils Maltextrakt.

Passek's Classics Café and Catering - Kamloops, BC

Passek’s Classics Café and Catering. I didn’t know this place existed. I happened to glance over one morning as I drove by and noted the $6.95 breakfast sign. Apparently Passek’s has been here for a few years.

Caffé Arianna - Kamloops, BC

**UPDATE January 2014: It pains me to type this, and share the sad news that Caffe Arianna is now closed. The location now houses Sikora Caffe.**

Finally Caffé Arianna in Kamloops. I can’t even begin to describe how long I’ve been trying to eat here. My schedule and Caffé Arianna’s opening hours just never jived. We barely made it here today.

Marble Slab Creamery - Kamloops, BC

After picking up some chicken, beef and pork at Summit Gourmet Meats I moseyed on over to Marble Slab Creamery for a little dairy treat. I didn’t have anything to eat yet, so technically...this will be my first meal of the day. Breakfast of champions!

Peanut Butter Caramel Sundae (6.99)

Chelsea's Bakery - Kamloops, BC

Here’s a little bakery called Chelsea's. It is located beside Gourmet Greens in the same area as Canadian Tire and Sweet Spot Cupcakes.
I picked up a few things...

Cinnamon Buns

The Smörgåsbord ...and Vita Malz malt drink - Kamloops, BC

This is The Smörgåsbord. I too wanted to visit the “sandwich dames” as suggested in their adverts. It’s a deli. A café. A European grocery. A gift shop. And it’s a garden center!

The menu is straight forward and made to order. Soups, salads, sandwiches, freshly baked goods and coffee. The prices are more than alright, and you know how much I love locally owned and operated establishments.

Eastuff Grocery - Kamloops, BC

This is Eastuff Grocery. (I often mis-spell it as Eaststuff.)You will find various imported Asian food stuffs here, mostly Chinese. It was created by former Thompson Rivers University students, and cater to the homesick cravings of TRU students. The aisles look a bit sparse but what they do carry however, are the more popular brands of specific items that are not available at your super grocery store ethnic aisle. Before heading home I picked up a few things.

Instant Cane and Carrot Juice ($3.99)

Sips Martinis and Tapas - Kamloops, BC

**UPDATE 2012: Sips has taken its last sip, and is now closed. Eden Bento now occupies this space.**

What a week! I finally finished two major projects that have been looming over my head for some time. I finished up around mid-day this afternoon and needed some snacks. My last few errands today ended up being at London Drugs, and Sips Martini and Tapas happened to be open.

Mervo's Coffee Shop - Kamloops, BC

Mervo’s. I dig the name, don’t you? I wanted to come here because it looked SO old school. The menu is small, but crazy. From pancakes and sandwiches to perogies and pad thai??

Pancakes and Coffee ($4.09) with a side of sausages ($1.70)

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