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This blog post started as a reply in the comments section of the Victoria Oriental Restaurant post. As I started to respond to mikeeymike's comment about poor service at Victoria Oriental (...terrible name by the way, who uses the term Oriental anymore?), it occurred to me that this might be an informative (...or offensive, depends on how you take it) post to have on the main page
The following is not speaking directly about the service of the above restaurant, just simply a response to a comment and some things I’ve noticed about certain places I go to.

Oh mikeeymike, my dear mikeeymike…welcome to infamous Chinese food service.

Joe's Grill - (Kitsilano) Vancouver, BC

I try not to blog about things back in the old neighbourhood, but I wanted to slide this one in. Back in my UBC years we use to eat brunch or breakfast in various diners along this stretch of 4th Avenue all the time. Ahhh, the memories... Joe's Grill has a few locations, this one is in Kitsilano. I live for breakfast foods. I can eat eggs and hashbrowns any time of the day. Joe's Grill is your typical greasy spoon, but with great non greasy food. The food here is solid; the prices are cheap compared to other decent breakfast/brunch places.

Weekend Special: Boerewor Breakfast ($8.95)

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