Mervo's Coffee Shop - Kamloops, BC

Mervo’s. I dig the name, don’t you? I wanted to come here because it looked SO old school. The menu is small, but crazy. From pancakes and sandwiches to perogies and pad thai??

Pancakes and Coffee ($4.09) with a side of sausages ($1.70)

Bear's Claw Lodge - Cache Creek, BC

The Bear's Claw Lodge is a DDE in a large log cabin on the side of Highway 97 in Cache Creek. The high ceilings and large window make the cabin quite bright and airy inside. I see tour buses and truckers stop here quite often. So this morning I decided to swing in.

The Roadhouse Café - Savona, BC

Lately, I’ve found myself out and about quite often in the early hours of the morning. So naturally I’ve been hitting up a lot of diners and...well anything I can find that opens before 8am. The Roadhouse is located in Savona, BC. A colleague had a fantastic time with an omelette here recently, so I promised myself I would stop for a meal the next time I went through Savona.

Zack's Coffee and Tea - Kamloops, BC

Zack's Coffee and Tea has two locations in Kamloops. I’m familiar with the downtown location, but have never come up to the second locale next to Fifth Avenue Jewellers.

Donut King and Coffee - Kamloops, BC

I wanted to come here for two reasons:
1) I love the story that comes with the Donut King. Kamloopsian created by a former Tim Hortons franchisee that wanted to go fresh instead of frozen. He’s opened a few more locations since then, so I guess business is good. It’s nice to see locals supporting locals.

Sleepy Hollow Diner - Kamloops, BC

I drove by this tiny diner early one morning and I was attracted to it purely because of the name: Sleepy Hollow Diner. Cozy, with only a few tables and a bar stool seating.

Erwin's Bakery and Delicatessen - Kamloops, BC

The folks at Erwin's Bakery and Delicatessen are the hard working scratch bakers behind the “baked goods stand” at the local Farmers Market. I never realized that they are located just downtown. Until now. I discovered their location while searching Kamloops for something entirely different (more on that some other time.)

Orijen Cat and Kitten Dry Food - Kamloops, BC

Some time ago, in my post about The Press Box/ Zhen Zhen Restaurant, I had mentioned that prior to my meal I needed to pick up some cat food. Some of you were curious about what kind of food I feed my beast.

Crush Sauté and Grill - Kamloops, BC

**UPDATE 2014: Crush Saute and Grill is no more. Vittorio's Downtown Italian restaurant now occupies this space within the Kamloops Conference Centre."

Fresh Healthy Café - Kamloops, BC

**UPDATE September 2012: Fresh Cafe is now closed.

I found breakfast this morning at Fresh Café. I wasn’t sure what I wanted from a "healthy café" for breakfast. I'm not feeling a granola craving today. Hey, I figure that if Pure Cuisine can bang out tasty, inventive, healthy raw meals, then Fresh can surely provide some brekkie. Truth be told, I wasn’t searching for anything healthy this morning. I wanted some bacon.

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