Sorriso Ristorante Deli and Pasta - Kamloops, BC

Sorriso Ristorante Pasta and Deli sits on an unassuming corner location on Tranquille Road on Kamloops north shore. I noticed this eatery some time ago when I was orientating myself to Kamloops. Since then, I’ve driven by numerous times on my way to the ”The Craziest Store in Town!” I felt like a deli sandwich today so I swung into the quiet, but ample, parking lot of Sorriso Ristorante.

The Smörgåsbord ...and Vita Malz malt drink - Kamloops, BC

This is The Smörgåsbord. I too wanted to visit the “sandwich dames” as suggested in their adverts. It’s a deli. A café. A European grocery. A gift shop. And it’s a garden center!

The menu is straight forward and made to order. Soups, salads, sandwiches, freshly baked goods and coffee. The prices are more than alright, and you know how much I love locally owned and operated establishments.

Erwin's Bakery and Delicatessen - Kamloops, BC

The folks at Erwin's Bakery and Delicatessen are the hard working scratch bakers behind the “baked goods stand” at the local Farmers Market. I never realized that they are located just downtown. Until now. I discovered their location while searching Kamloops for something entirely different (more on that some other time.)

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