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So this is Love of Eating. It's a blog about all things food. I mainly blog about experiences I have at various restaurants. But other topics may find their way in here too.

When I moved out here a few years ago I realized that there wasn't anyone talking about the food scene in Kamloops. Is that because there is no food scene? Kamloops and the surrounding areas are unquestionably dominated by North American chain restaurants.

I wanted to find out what else there is in Kamloops. There must be more to Kamloops than fast-food, franchise and chain restaurants. Just what are some of the great places to eat around here where the ingredients aren't trucked in once a week from Sysco?

Kamloops is a growing city, but it’s also surrounded by local meat ranches and farms. I'm excited about this potential, aren't you? This area could be a gold mine of great local ingredients. I can’t wait to see what restaurants will take advantage of the local bounty.

Really, I’m not a snob. Well not food-wise anyways. I appreciate all eats. But there are just some foods and establishments that excite me more than others.

In addition, I’ve realized that when I eat in Kamloops, I tend to compare foods here to things that I’m familiar with. Inevitably, that’ll be things I’m use to on the coast. I’ve noticed that I often make reference to places and food items I enjoy in Vancouver or elsewhere. It makes sense to me to include some of my favourite haunts in the GVRD, otherwise I’ll refer to some things and you may, or may not know what the hells I’m talking about.

I am not a food critic or a food reviewer...or a food professional of any sort. I'm much too biased, immature and judgmental for that civilized stuff. I'll leave that to the professionals. I'm just someone who is passionate about the things I eat, and when you love something you want to tell people about it. Oh, and I don't ass kiss.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy writing it.

Happy eating!

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