The Royal Café - Copenhagen, Denmark

Today I’m at The Royal Café in Copenhagen. The Royal Café is a little kitschy tea shop that’s set up to showcase the wares of various Danish designers, and of course Royal Copenhagen porcelain.

Yorkshire Gold Loose Tea - Kamloops, BC

Attention British expats: hold on to your trousers, because this find almost blew mine off! After I posted about Yorkshire Gold teabags back in June, I received tons of great emails from many UK transplants (and a few Aussies too,) that were searching for their favourite tea in loose form.

Matterhorn Bakery - Kelowna, BC

I’m making a quick stop at the Matterhorn Bakery for a snack before continuing on with the day. I stumbled upon the Matterhorn Bakery when I took a wrong left turn and found myself in a labyrinth of retail shops, eateries and a movie theatre. There are a number of grey haired ladies entering and exiting the tea room so I figure, why not?

London Fog ($3.55)

Yorkshire Gold Tea - Kamloops, BC

Is it June already? We are half way into 2012! I feel like the last six months went by like six weeks.
I went into London Drugs to pick up some contact solution. I came out with eighty dollars worth of other items, completely unrelated to contact lenses. How does this happen?
I spy that my favourite everyday tea is on sale, so I toss a few boxes of Yorkshire Gold Tea in my basket. Yorkshire Gold Tea is made by Taylors of Harrogate, and it is a lovely strong tea.

Yorkshire Gold Tea ($6.99* box of 80 bags)

The Enchanted Teacup - Kamloops, BC

I met a princess in plain clothes today, and this is her castle.
Her castle is The Enchanted Teacup. It’s a drive-by discovery for me. I am on my way to Gary’s Deli when I see a purple and lime green building on Tranquille Road. Yes, purple and lime green.
Qu'est-ce que c'est?

Serendipi Tea - Abbotsford, BC

On the road again... I stop for afternoon tea in Abbotsford at Serendipi Tea.
The space is very feminine with dainty china and shabby-chic décor. Pretty little tea house.

Afternoon Tea Service ($18.95 per person)

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