Fat Jack's Homestyle Diner: Bunny Pie - Boston Bar, BC

I’ve been MIA for a while, I know. Last year, around this time, I had an extended stint out in Nanaimo (Click here for my Nanaimo eating posts.) This year, I have to be out in Vancouver for an extended stint.

I’ve decided to share Fat Jack’s Diner with you again (click here for my burger visit). I have to be home for a little while and then drive back out to the coast.

Fat Jack's Home-style Diner - Boston Bar, BC

A quick Fraser Canyon stop I’d like to share with you.
Okay, there are not a whole lot of decent places to stop for food in the Canyon, so thanks god for Fat Jack’s Home-style Diner. The restaurant sits next to the Mighty Fraser Motel which came under new proprietorship this past September. Apparently they are coastal transplants like me.

Suncatcher Crafts - Lytton, BC

With one of our last warm days upon us, I decide to make a pit stop in Lytton on my way home. If you ever come through Lytton there is only one place to grab some ice cream: Suncatcher Crafts.

The Packing House - Spences Bridge, BC

Tucked away in the community of Spences Bridge, lies The Packing House. The eatery is not on the main drag either; it’s located on a quiet road on what seems to be a residential street.

Pizza Hot Spot - Lytton, BC

The Pizza Hot Spot is the newly opened pizza shop in the village of Lytton. To enter the village you need to exit off Highway 1 either take a left (if your heading north) between Kumsheen Secondary School and the Esso or take a right (if you're heading south) just past Skihist Provincial Park. The village is small yet very pretty in the summer time. It's always filled with friendly locals.

The Cutting Board Restaurant - Lytton, BC

The Cutting Board is part of the Kumsheen Rafting Resort located about 5km north of Lytton, BC. I'm suprised I'm blogging about this place as I had boycotted them due to poor service about 4 years ago*. Yeah, I can hold a grudge. Well it's 2010, and I found myself in the area and hungry. It was early enough in the day that they would still be serving breakfast, so we decided to give it another go. C'mon it has been four years; and there's been turn over in staff since then, so the service must be better...

Double Dare Establishments

Y'know those restaurants that you drive by on some road trip, and you think to yourself, "Argh, I wonder how is the food there?" (often assuming it's bad...) or "Seriously, does anybody eat there?" The places when even if you're starving after driving for hours (and skipping a meal to make better driving time), you think, "um...hellz no, I'm not eating there!"

These places are Double Dare Establishments. For the purposes of this blog I will make an effort to pull over and try some of these places and blog about them. Don't get me wrong I do have a genuine curiosity about these places, and I am looking forward to seeing what they have to offer.

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