The Packing House - Spences Bridge, BC

Tucked away in the community of Spences Bridge, lies The Packing House. The eatery is not on the main drag either; it’s located on a quiet road on what seems to be a residential street.

The only reason I knew about the Packing House is through Geocaching. I’m a geek, I know. We were Chasing the Golden Butterfly and found the Packing House Cache years ago but never went in for food. I enjoy driving the Fraser Canyon. It’s so much more scenic than the Coquihalla.

The house is busy today. Not to capacity, but still cramped. The service is a bit disorganized. But I went with it.

Chai Latte ($4.50)

It’s a generous size and creamy sweet.

Bridge Burger ($8.45)

The burger is lean beef, so it’s not a juicy burger. It is prepared well-done so that doesn’t help the moisture issue. But the meat is beefy tasting. Which is good, no? Shouldn’t all beef taste like beef?
It is a hand formed patty and tasted like real meat with very little filler. If you want side dishes you will need to order them as the burgers and sandwiches do not come with any extras.

Grilled Ham and Cheese ($6.95)

This is DL’s second choice. Apparently the Packing House was already out of roast meat for The Great Landslide. Out of meat by lunch time? Okay. Standard cheddar cheese with ham on homemade bread. I like that they don’t use the proverbial deli ham. The pork is the kind of ham that is sliced from a leg or a picnic shoulder as needed. The chunkiness of the meat made it a bit more home-style.

The meals aren’t necessarily going to make you crave your next visit, but I like what they are trying to do here. The Packing House makes an effort to make what they can from scratch and use what they can that’s available locally. They have more of a café vibe than a restaurant vibe. A feature to the Packing House is that they book live performances, throughout the season. I imagine it’s a rousing good time in the evenings when the stage is occupied.
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The Packing House Cafe
3705 Riverview Avenue
Spences Bridge , BC V0K 2L0
Phone: 250 458 2256

Awesome food

We ate here, it was a great experience and the food was amazing!

Re: Awesome food - The Packing House

Hi Anon,
Glad to hear your experience was good. Will you be joining the rest of the Spences Bridge folks at the 3rd annual Desert Daze Music Festival?
It's happening this weekend! (August 17-19, 2012)

Thanks for reading and commenting,

Take another look

To whom it may concern,
I have played at this wonderful little cafe' and have had the most wonderful food and accommodations ever. I am fed, as well as put up in the most wonderful house that was built by the owners brother. It is wonderfully furnished. I have eaten breakfast, dinner, and supper at the Packing House and find nothing to complain about. I believe you need to go back and try it again to give this cafe' the revue it justly needs.

Yours truely
traveling musician

Re: Take another look - Packing House

Hi traveling musician,

Thanks for taking the time to comment. You and Ms. anonymous seem to be on the same brain wave. Please see reply to Ms. anonymous' comment below.
Yes, I'll be back..

Happy eating...and travelling!

Really Grilled

That grilled cheese looks a little burned.

Re: Really Grilled - The Packing House

Hi Anon,
Really, really grilled!

I love that you brought this up, because DL was completely put off by it.

It didn't bother me much, because I was thinking about how I make grilled cheese at home...and yeah, sometimes I let it go a little longer than needed. :) I guess I need DL to do more blog-within-a-blogs.
Thanks Anon, now I have to deal with a smug DL and the I-told-you-so attitude. LOL.

Happy eating.

Resident of Spences Bridge.

I am a resident of Spences Bridge. I really wish you had been at the Packing house on a better day, because you must have picked a really off day as I have never had the experience you have described. However every one is entitled to their own opinion. I really believe if it is to be a fair rating of this wonderful little cafe'. If you go to their web site you will find all the entertainment and when they will be here. Give us another opportunity to change your opinion of our cafe'.

Ms. anonymous

Re: Resident of Spences Bridge - Packing House

Hi Ms. anonymous,

Thanks for commenting. I'm glad you have had excellent service at the Packing House.
My experience is just that: my experience. It was what it was. As with all my posts on this blog, I only describe my experience and sprinkle it with my comments.
I do not give "ratings." (Please, I have no authority to rate anything! LOL.)

I admire your passion for the Packing House!

I'll repeat what I said in my original post: "I like what they are trying to do here. The Packing House makes an effort to make what they can from scratch and use what they can that’s available locally."

If you are a regular reader of Love of Eating, you will know that I am very Rah-Rah-Rah-Sis-Boom-Bah about local eateries that make their goods from scratch. The Packing House falls into that category. So yes, I have been back (albeit just for coffee) and I have brought my friends to it as well.

But you are right, it's been awhile since my original post about the Packing House, and another meal there is totally needed. (Possibly this summer?) Perhaps, I'll see you there!

Happy eating,

P.S. What do you think of Rumours Diner?? I wonder about it when I drive through, but I've been on such a tight time constraint these past few trips.

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