Honey Tom Chicken - Kelowna, BC

I'm on my way out of Kelowna and I had to share with you Honey Tom Chicken before it's too late. Honey Tom Chicken is KFC. No, not the Colonel, but rather KFC as in: Korean Fried Chicken. The little shop is on the corner of Benvoulin Road and K.L.O. Road. If you like Korean style fried chicken this the place to get it in the interior.

Eden Bento Café - Kamloops, BC

Eden Bento. Here's another little eatery that has been languishing on my list for some time. The location is once again familiar, the last time I wrote about this space it was known as Sip’s Martinis and Tapas.
Eden Bento serves up Japanese style meals-in-a-box with a side of Korean flair.

Time, or lack thereof, often dictates where and what I can eat. I need something relatively quick tonight. "Quick" as in I don’t have time to linger around three courses and drinks, but not so "quick" that I need to order through a wireless intercom system.

Cornerstone Korean BBQ - Kamloops, BC

Here's another place that is familiar but now different. Tonight I am at Cornerstone Sushi and Korean BBQ. Some of you may remember this space as the short lived slashy restaurant: Nayaab Fine Indian Cusine/Pizza Factory.

Cornerstone is not the grillin' at the table kind of Korean BBQ, but wouldn't that feature be great in the future for Kamloops? Baby steps, right?

Chicken Time - Chilliwack, BC

*UPDATE: October 2012 Chicken Time is now closed.

Stop. Chicken Time.

Did the base line to Rick James' Superfreak just start playing in your head? Did visuals of MC Hammer dancing, in his namesake pants, to U Can’t Touch This start sequencing in your mind? This happens to me every time I see or think about this place.

The name is funny, no? I think it needs an exclamation mark at the end. Chicken Time!
This is one of those places I find myself drawn to simply because of the name: Chicken Time.

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