Pho Chilli #1 - Chilliwack, BC

Getting closer to home. Today's stop is Chilliwack.
I’ve contemplated Pho Chilli #1 on my way to Pho Galaxy a few times in the past, but always ended up at Pho Galaxy. The two restaurants are just down the street from one another. (I really should do a re-visit blog post for Pho Galaxy since it’s been a while and I think the broth is richer than the first time I went. Click here for my Pho Galaxy visit when they first opened.)

Vedder Mountain Grille - Chilliwack, BC

**UPDATE NOVEMBER 2013: The Vedder Mountain Grille is now closed.**
The past few months have been non stop! I’m heading out to Richmond, BC for a conference. On my way down, I stop at Vedder Mountain Grille. I thought I’d just swing in for a coffee, but my rumbling tummy advises me to have something more substantial.

Coffee ($2.50)

A Touch of Europe Café - Chilliwack, BC

***UPDATE 2013: Touch of Europe is gone now :(, Michelle's Café currently occupies this space serving Chinese food***

Homebound, we make a pit stop in Chilliwack for breakfast this morning. A Touch of Europe is a little café on Luckakuck Way among a cluster of businesses that include the BCAA and McGavin’s Bread Basket.

Now before we get to breakfast, tell me, what’s going on here?

Little Beetle Bistro - Chilliwack, BC

Little Beetle Bistro is an old converted farm house that stands amidst more recent buildings on South Sumas Road.
The restored deep blue building sticks out from its neighbours, in this area that's predominately an industrial park.
The bistro is busy with most of the tables filled with patrons chatting about things like the newest stretch stitch option on their Pfaff.

Caramel Latte ($3.50)

Chicken Time - Chilliwack, BC

*UPDATE: October 2012 Chicken Time is now closed.

Stop. Chicken Time.

Did the base line to Rick James' Superfreak just start playing in your head? Did visuals of MC Hammer dancing, in his namesake pants, to U Can’t Touch This start sequencing in your mind? This happens to me every time I see or think about this place.

The name is funny, no? I think it needs an exclamation mark at the end. Chicken Time!
This is one of those places I find myself drawn to simply because of the name: Chicken Time.

KURO Asian Cuisine - Chilliwack, BC

Kuro Asian Cuisine is one of the restaurants in the Eagle's Landing retail complex in Chilliwack. Did you know this place existed? I didn't, until I was given a little driving tour around Chilliwack recently. Eagle's Landing is fairly new, and there are still many retail spaces up for lease among the anchor stores.

It's very quiet.

Sips & Sweets Candy and Coffee Shop - Chilliwack, BC

***UPDATE 2013: Sips N' Sweets is now closed.***
Some friends had moved to Chilliwack and they were giving me the grand tour of their new neighbourhood. I haven’t been this far down Vedder Road for a long while. There seems to be so many more businesses and small shopping complexes down this stretch than the last time I ventured way down Vedder. My friend points out some popular places on our driving tour.

***UPDATE 2013: Sips N' Sweets is now closed.***

The Airport Coffee Shop - Chilliwack, BC

I love going airports. Whether I’m picking someone up or flying away for travel, airports are fun places to be. I’ve had my share of airport delays and other issues, but it all seems to work out in the end.

Shandhar Hut Indian Cuisine - Chilliwack, BC

On my way home. Thank goodness. My stay in Vancouver was made much longer due to some unexpected (...and major) vehicular issues.

Phở Galaxy - Chilliwack, BC

Who knew there is phở bò in the ‘Wack? This is a drive by discovery. All I recall seeing is the word "phở"and "Grand Opening." That's all it takes for me sometimes. I made a mental note to stop here on our way home from the coast.

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