Ranch Café - Falkland, BC

I spent the entire morning going to different stores trying to find a specific type of re-usable hand warmer. Totally random, I know. The issue is: I need nine of them. Nine or nothing. I’ve already scoured Kelowna and West Kelowna, and only found a total of six. Argh.

Planet Bee Honey Farm and Meadery - Vernon, BC

This is Planet Bee Honey Farm in Vernon, BC. It’s a honey farm where you can buy honey, honey wine and take an educational tour to learn about the honey bees.

We are on our way home when I spot a sign that said “meadery.” How exciting! A meadery. I immediately have pictures running through my head with men in long robes with pewter goblets. I must go. We detour from our route and follow the touristy signs.

Phở Fusion - Vernon, BC

Seriously, phở again? Yeah, seriously phở again. We stop for lunch on our way out of Vernon. It’s early, before noon and Phở Fusion just opened. There are already a few tables occupied when we arrive.
Despite the name, there is not much fusion going on here. The menu is straight up Vietnamese.

Young Coconut Juice ($3.00)

Temptasian Restaurant and Lounge - Vernon, BC

*Dear Temptasian Restaurant,
Four images on your website are stolen images. They are the property of the Love of Eating food blog. You did not ask permission nor was permission given to Temptasian Restaurant for the use of these photos. Your theft is no mistake as evidence by your graphic designer taking the time to remove the watermarks. Kindly remove the images, or contact the webmaster for permission regarding image use. It's not nice to steal.

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